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Smartphones – My First Love

“Bangalore is too big, we are new here and plus we don’t know to speak  Kannada! How will we reach to Bannerghatta zoo? We don’t know which bus to take? How much time will it take to reach? Let’s cancel the plan!,” I said to all my friends sitting at AECS Layout Bus Stop.

“From here, it’ll almost take two hours with traffic. We need to change two buses. We need to first take KBS-1l bus and I can see that the bus is on the way. Lets catch it,” Manju said looking into her cell phone.

“And who gave you this information?”

“Google Maps. This an era of Smartphone baby,” she said and we all stepped inside the bus and left for the zoo.


Technology have really changed our way of living. Smartphones and Android have made our life easy, they have made us independent. From booking flight tickets to booking cab at late night, from ordering food, to online shopping, everything is just a click away.

Being a youth and especially being away from my family, I must say smartphones help me a lot. My mother, she daily wants to see me and so my 13 mega pixel back camera and 5 mega pixel front camera with flash helps me to take beautiful pictures.  (P.S: Now-a-days mobile photography has become a trend. Thanks to the camera quality of smartphones).

PC: Abdul Quddus Mansood
PC: Abdul Quddus Mansood

Telegram (Android Application of Smartphone) helps me to send my pictures to her.  Every weekend, no matter wherever I am, I have to video call her. Taking Laptop everywhere is not possible but yes my not so big 5 inch Smartphone again helps me. With the help of 4G and Skype I can see my mom smiling and talking to me. Smartphone does make me believe I am at home.

As I said Bangalore is too big and whenever I have to go out, I take help of the best guide which in my opinion can never be wrong -‘Google Maps’.


During break time in office, when me and my friends have healthy discussions and we are not sure on some topics, we ‘Google’ it and get correct answers.

And as it is said ‘Learning never stops especially if you are in IT field, I download many PDF’s and also Amazon Kindle application helps me to be updated about my field.

It was raining heavily last Sunday, my PG owner was not able to go out and buy vegetables, so I helped him to order it with the ‘Pepper Tap’ application.

Various games that are available in smartphones helps us in increasing memory power. Some games that I enjoy is Taboo, Heads up and Sudoku.

Thanks to multiple alarm option allowed in Smartphones that helps me to reach office on time. Reminder does help me to do important things on time and remember friends birthday. Smartphone helps me to transfer money online, recharge my cell, and be in touch with my long distance friends with the help of social media. I hate to hold newspapers in my hand still I am updated about the world, through various applications.


The high-speed 4G connection gives me information in the blink of an eye. Also it helps me to video call my mom without any problem.

Nowadays, we have Octa-core smartphones (dual quad-core processors) helps to increase performance and if you love to play games you would love it.

Smartphones are really a boon for today’s youth, if only they knew how to use it properly. Smartphone is my first love.




Rekha Mishra

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