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I Miss My Favorite Place- Home

I always wanted to be away from home, because I thought being away from home gives you freedom, makes you independent, it’s fun to be away from home. You can do whatever you want. No one is there to stop you, to scold you or question you. By being away from home, you lead an exciting life.

Now that I am away from home, I realize the importance of home. Yes I got the freedom, became independent but I cry because there is no better place than home. I miss the sofa where I use to sit and watch TV for long hours, I miss my book shelf and most importantly I miss my family members.

At night when I feel cold, I don’t have my mom near me to close the window, switch off the fan and cover me with the blanket. When things go wrong, I don’t have my sister who hugs me and assures that things will be fine. I don’t have my bestie near me with whom I go for a long walk to eat ice-cream and share my secrets. When I need some advice, I don’t have my dad near me to guide me. I don’t have Vanita Aunty near me to go for shopping or to take my side when I am right. During Festivals, I am all alone as my roommates go to their hometown and friends stay too far.

This is my first time where I am away from home and adjusting is a problem. I don’t like the food and water here. I now realize my mom is a good cook. The biggest problem I face here is with people. They have got so many shades, I don’t understand what their true color is. At one point they are so nice and at other point they become mean. They always prove that they know how to get their work done through you. No one is there to pamper you like your family member, no one is truly concerned for you and no one cares what you do. Everything you need to do by yourself. Washing clothes, shopping, cleanliness and washing dish even if you are not well. I miss being dependent on my family at least I knew someone was there for me. Though you are independent but you can’t be like a free butterfly because people judge you for your every action.

You would want someone to scold you for your wrong actions, you would need someone’s shoulder to cry but you won’t get it as I told before, no one cares what you really do.  I miss those restrictions sometimes but unfortunately I am alone here and no one is there to restrict me.

Being Away From Home does makes you mature but sometimes acting as a mature is quite irritating. At times, I just feel to leave everything and go back to my home where I can be just myself and enjoy my life. But this is Life. Life is uncertain, what you need to learn is enjoy every moment of life and that’s what I am trying to do. Slowly and steadily I am learning to adjust with this Life. What I like most here is the environment and some friends, as they bring smile on my face.


I am somehow adjusting, but being away from home is a punishment for my family members too as they miss me every second.



This blogpost is written for a #blogchatter prompt ‘Away from home’



Rekha Mishra

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3 thoughts on “I Miss My Favorite Place- Home

  1. Being away from home can be difficult when you don’t have any support system in the new place…True you have to do things on your own, learn how to deal with people and while all that is good…makes one mature…one can’t help but miss home.
    Such a honest, straight from the heart – this post!

  2. Only I can say that u can tackle ur loneliness or say ‘Away from Home’ by keeping urself occupied for more creative thoughts for ur next article preparation for ur Blog… Take Care…Do not forget all ur ‘ALL’ well wisher aunties within whose warmness and caring you grown as a neighbor….All the Best for 2016…

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