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My Wishlist for Santa Claus

Wishes from my friend's daughter, Eila on her first X-Mas PC: Ankur Thatai
Wishes from my friend’s daughter, Eila on her first X-Mas
PC: Ankur Thatai

Jingle Bell Jingle bell,

jingle all the way

Santa Claus is coming to town..


This Week’s WOW Prompt by Blogadda reminded me of my childhood days!

I and all the kids on my floor used to hang socks on our house door from 20th December to 1st January and every day we got some gifts. It’s when we were in our teens we came to know that our neighbor was our Secret Santa.


Christmas is special, because every christmas I get gifts from someone and this year too, though I am in different city I got gifts from my two Secret Santa.

Lovely handmade bookmarks by my #SecretSanta1
Lovely handmade bookmarks by my #SecretSanta1


Cute handmade card by my #SecretSanta1
Cute handmade card by my #SecretSanta1


Cutest gifts by #SecretSanta1
Cutest gifts by #SecretSanta1
My favorite chocolates by my #SecretSanta2

Every Christmas, I make a list and pray to real Santa to bless me with those wishes. Like every year, this year too I have a list.

No this time, I don’t want Barbie dolls, box of chocolates, clothes, perfumes, and so on. This year’s list is quite different. This year my list doesn’t include materialistic things because I have started earning and can buy it. Also I have stopped being materialistic.

So here is my wishlist for Secret Santa:

  1. Transfer to Mumbai: This is because I miss my family. More than me they miss me. My family is my world and their happiness matters to me.
  2. To bless my mom and take away her headache problem. Please make this one come true anyhow because I can’t see her in pain.
  3. To bless me with positivity so that I can make many more people smile.
  4. To spread peace and happiness every where. Every Country needs this!
  5. To stop terrorism. It’s disgusting to see many innocents dying for no fault.
  6. To stop rape, sexual harassment and child abuse.
  7. To spread love around. Every people should gift love to every one.
  8. To increase brotherhood and making India a develop country in true sense.
  9. To change sick mentality of people.
  10. To make me non judgmental and accept people the way they are.
  11. To make me capable of helping others. Helping others makes me happy.
  12. To give me a big heart so that I can give more and more to others without expecting any thing in return.
  13. To make me rich not in monetary sense but by thoughts and actions.


I hope someday, Santa Claus fulfills my wish. Merry Christmas to all. Spread Love along with gifts all around.

Do you have some wishlist for Santa Claus? Do comment, I would love to know yours.

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