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Good Bye 2015!

It was as if yesterday only, I was decorating my home to say Goodbye to 2014 and welcome 2015 and today I am already in the first month of 2016.

2015 passed in the blink of an eye. 2015 was a year of change for me. I was continuously adapting to changes that I didn’t realize that 2015 came to an end.

I have always said to everyone I meet that “I am lucky.” And when I say this, I literally mean it. Touchwood! Every year I gather memories to cherish forever. Every year I learn something. There are few things that I’ll carry for next year and some things I happily leave behind.

As I said 2015 was a year of change, change from a college student to a professional. Change from Mumbai to Bangalore. Change from gaining education to gaining experience. This Change was difficult to adapt but I did changed. Changed for good.  Only thing that didn’t change was my personality. I am still the same: talkative, energetic, full of life.

Being away from family, friends and Mumbai, I thought I’ll be alone. I thought It will be difficult to make friends, I thought It will be difficult to live in a new city but things were not as difficult as I thought to be.  I made many friends. I started loving this beautiful city.

2015 taught me to be independent. I was a lazy girl dependent on my family for every small things. But this year I learnt to be independent. I learnt to wash clothes, to iron it, shopping and to manage finance.

2015 was special, as I started talking with two of my best friends again. In 2014, due to some issues we had stop talking but 2015 made us good friends once again.

2015 was special because I met my bestie Saif after two years. It was special because I had some special memories with my other best friends- Hina, Nidhi, Ami, Purvi, Khushbu.

In 2015, my friends gave us a big surprise by getting engaged. We never thought that she would get married. 2015 was year full of surprises and fun.

2015 was special because two new babies became a part of our family. My friend too was blessed with a baby girl Eila.



2015 was year full of memories:

The best memory was to meet Ravinder Singh- my Inspiration thrice. Trust me! If I had only this single memory, still my 2015 would have been the best. I also met other authors too whom I like a lot.


I won many prizes in intercollegiate events for “Creative Writing”.

My blog post won a 1000 Rs. voucher.

Completed my graduation in Bachelors of Computer Application with third rank.

Got placed in Igate and made my parents proud..

Completed my Entry Level Training in Igate with Third Rank.

igate third rank

My blog post got selected for a WOW Post by blogadda for the first time.


Bangalore was new for me, but it didn’t take me much time to make friends. I became friends with people from different city, had fun with them, went for outing and learnt about their culture. I am blessed to have such friends whom I can count on in difficult times. Special thanks to Suchita, Divij, Harmandeep, Harshada, Abhishek, Abdul and Pratik for making my 2015 a memorable one.


People always told me, ‘In office, you don’t get friends you get colleagues’. I got many colleagues but I also got some true friends as my team mates. Not only friends, but I also got a brother. Special thanks to Arun Anna, Ernest, Wahid, Vivek, Neelesh, Jagadeeshwaran and Aravinth- office would have been a boring place, if I had not met these guys.

I felt so special on my birthday, so many gifts and love from friends and family. Like every year, this year too my birthday was awesome.


Sitting beside Arun Anna, fighting with Vivek and Ernest, Having fun with Rizwan and Sowmeya, clicking lots of selfie- office team lunch was fun.


Gifts from Secret Santa. I am still in love with those cute gifts and chocolate boxes.


Not only memories but there are many lessons I learnt:

  1. Hard work does pays off. To get the result you need to be patient. Just concentrate on the steps to achieve goals rather than the results.
  2. Sometimes you need to take stress, to get the best out of you. We had 4 days to complete each module and everything was new for me. The stress of getting the job did helped me to learn many technical stuffs in a lesser time.
  3. Life is simple, its our thoughts that makes life complicated.
  4. Some people will make you friends only for money. Such friends are worst than enemy, so throw them out of your life as soon as possible.
  5. Learn to be independent. Learn to do things on your own. Once you are away from family, no one else will be there to take care of you, except you yourself.
  6. Love your family, because they love you like no one else does.
  7. Keep reading books and keep learning because learning never stops.
  8. Discipline is the road to success.
  9. Bring smile on others face. The biggest happiness is when others are happy because of you.
  10. Life is meant to enjoy. Don’t take life too seriously. Learn to live and laugh every time.

2015 also made me fall in love with nature, sky, sun, moon and stars. It made me love God even more for his creation.


I would like to thank everyone: friends, family, strangers for making my 2015 a wonderful year. I would like to thank all the bloggers, books, Facebook posts and tweets that inspired me to become a better person. I would like to thank God for being so kind to me and loving me. I love you God! I hope my 2016 to be more better than 2015. I hope to achieve my resolution this year. I pray for others to be happy.


“I’m sharing my #TalesOf2015 with BlogAdda.”





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