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It’s Not My Resolution

write-over-the-weekend-blogaddaThis is the first blog post of the year 2016. Happy New Year to all my readers. May this year be a memorable one for you all. May this year be full of positivity for you all.

Make Memories. Enjoy Life. Have Fun. Achieve Your Goals. Make others Happy.

One month before New Year, that is from December, we all start preparing resolutions for the coming year. Some Resolutions are completed, while some (actually most of the times) are incomplete. But we still make Resolution. Resolutions do give us a hope.

A hope for better future. A hope to achieve some goals in a span of time. A hope to become a better person. A hope to experience.

Our Resolutions are full of To-do-list. Within year we need to do this and that. Have you ever made a Not to-do list? I had never made one but this time Blogadda’s WOW prompt made me to do so. Not-to-do List is as important as To-Do list. Not to-do list a kind of awareness, a kind of reminder to not to do the things throughout the year.  One must have a Not to-do list to check what activities one has to prohibit throughout the year and if in case they are doing it, they should have some solutions to stop it.

So here is my following Not to-do List for the year 2016:

Not to be Lazy: This is my biggest drawback. Laziness eats me. Be it writing a blog, editing a story, studying or completing important work- everything gets delayed due to laziness. To avoid Laziness, I have already started Time Management. Every morning I make a per day goals and make sure not to sleep without completing it.

Not to surround myself with ‘Negative’ people: “People you surround yourself with, defines who you are”. And that’s the reason why it is said, “Choose your friends wisely”.  Negative surrounding makes you negative too. Some people in my life always cry. Even if there is no serious problem, they’ll still come up with something that shows their life is full of problems.  They don’t do it intentionally but now it has become their habit to cry on every small issues. They have completely forgotten that the word ‘happiness’ exist in their life too.  Sometimes, it’s okay to cry and complain but  if done again and again, I get irritate. I feel like I am becoming like them. I don’t want to become like them. I want happiness and peace in my life so I have to stop being around Negative people.

Not to spend blindly: I am very bad when it comes to managing finance. I spend blindly, not thinking about its consequences in future and by the 15th of every month I am broke. After 15th I have to either borrow money from my friends and return them in next month or I have to forcefully put ‘full stop’ to my desires. Balance in everything is important. In 2016, I have made a commitment to save at least 5000 per month and spend 200 Rs. per day.

Not to compare myself: Earlier it was my parents comparing me with my elder sister or other kids. In 2015, after completing my graduation what I noticed is I started comparing myself with my friends and unknown. This made me upset. And comparing myself was quite an often activity. Sometimes it made me feel like a loser or my confidence got down because of comparison. So this year, I won’t compare myself and be happy with what I have and what I have accomplished. “I am Unique and I am Best. I can achieve what I want and I am happy,” is my mantra for this year.

What’s your Not to-do list? Do share it by commenting on this post. Maybe, I can add it up to my Not To-do-list.


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3 thoughts on “It’s Not My Resolution

  1. By the way this topic of not-do-list is quite interesting… My List is quite long to pen them down here. One among them would be getting committed to things easily.

    1. Take it slowly dear. Make list of two three things that you won’t do this year and I am sure you will be successful.

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