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All Yours, Stranger

PC: Goodreads
PC: Goodreads

About the Author:

Novoneel Chakraborty’s books have touched thousands of souls across India. He is a full-time author, screenwriter and a blogger.


About the Book:

After reading the first part ‘Marry Me, Stranger’, I was curious to read the second part ‘All Yours, Stranger’. I completed the book in one go as I wanted to know who the stranger is.

Rivannah was so jealous of Danny’s  best friend Nitya. Nitya was staying with them as she had a break up and she had tried to commit suicide. Rivannah was exhausted and she wanted someone with whom she can talk to. Then she remembers the stranger too is out of contact since many days and she misses him. She’s all alone and tries to contact the stranger. After she takes her complaint back, the stranger starts following her again. She shares with him everything she is going through and he helps her but then for every help stranger does, he asks something in return. He asks her to resign from office but also helps her in getting a new job. Through facebook she gets some information about Hiya Chowdhary.  In between this, Rivannah meets Ekansh. He was her new roomie’s fiance and they both land up in a physical relationship. Stranger tries to mess up her life once again. Rivannah connects every clue related to Hiya and there’s big surprise- Stranger followed Hiya and blackmailed her too. Maybe that’s the reason why she hanged herself. Another big shock is, Rivannah’s parents know about Hiya but they are hiding it.


The book is exciting till the end. Rivannah loving two guys at the same time, Stranger helping her to become bold, Stranger ruining her life, Too many emotional drama, suspense, the scary stranger, narration and plot of the story is just perfect! But the story goes too slow and I was a bit disappointed as the stranger’s true identity was not revealed. This stranger is getting into my mind. I really want to know whether he is an angel or a demon. Why does he helps her and then makes her life hell! Stranger- Who are you?


Some mysteries are dangerously sexy!

Rating for the Book: 4/5




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