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Marry Me, Stranger





PC: Goodreads
PC: Goodreads


About the Author:

Novoneel Chakraborty’s books have touched thousands of souls across India. He is a full-time author, screenwriter and a blogger.


About the Book:

This is the first book I read of Novoneel Chakraborty. My friend had borrowed this book from our common friend. While she was returning it her back, I saw the title of the novel ‘Marry Me, Stranger’ and it made me curious to read the book as I wanted to know what’s the story of this stranger and so I borrowed it from her. As soon as I borrowed it I read the prologue but unfortunately since I was in office, I couldn’t read more.

Next day, I started reading and completed it with another curiosity to read the next part.

Rivannah had shifted to Mumbai from Kolkata as she had got placed in a Software Company. As soon as she reached Mumbai, she started noticing that a stranger is following her. The stranger is a blackmailer, who blackmails her for her own good. He asks her to learn to prepare her favourite dishes. If not he’ll make her cry. She ignores his message. And he reveals the truth of his love ‘Ekansh’ who was cheating on her. The stranger helps her many times, Like by helping her to get her MMS clip from Prateek who liked her in school days and his obsession for her continued in office too. The Stranger has no voice, no face, no name, no identity but he has an intention. Stranger says, ‘Nothing comes for free’ and for every help the stranger does, he asks her to do some social cause. Rivannah starts dating a struggling actor. Abhiraj starts loving her and wants to get married to her. Even the stranger starts loving her. Her life had become a mess because of the stranger. She takes help of Police, and tries to find out who the stranger is. In this process, she comes to know about Hiya Chowdhary, her friend who committed suicide and whose favorite dish is same as Rivannah. Whatever her hobby or ambition was, the stranger made Rivannah do that.

There is a continuation to this novel where she’ll find answers and who the stranger is.


This book revolves around love story but it is a thriller. Every page increases curiosity. Every chapter has surprises. There are many philosophical quotes in it. The character description and narration is awesome! The plot is fantastic. This Novel is engaging. Excited to read his next books. He is one of the best author by far.


Anonymity is Power.


Rating for the Book: 4/5





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