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“Desh ki Sachai Sirf Uski Burai Mein Nahi Hai, Mayusi wala nai, ho ek India Umeed Wala”.

This video may not be that great. It won’t bring tears in our eyes. But for sure, it’s going to bring a small smile on our face. The message is very simple. Don’t just keep complaining about bad things but also appreciate good things around you. Whenever, wherever you are, just learn to find goodness and positivity all around.

It’s a season of cricket. ODI’, WT20, and then we’ll be having IPL. We Indians are to crazy for cricket and that’s why twitter is all flooded with  contests and tweets related to cricket.

I was just reading the tweets on my timeline, where I happened to read the contest by Sony Six and Sony Max. Since One month they are keeping too many contests. Their contest is all about happiness.

#HappyHeadline: While drinking coffee in the morning, turning the pages of newspapers, we’ll always be disappointed. There is news that breaks our heart, there is news about politics, crime, cheating and so on. We’ll share this new with our colleagues, friends and families and we talk about the problems of India. In the same newspaper, we have some happy headlines too. Since those #HappyHeadlines are not too big, we don’t pay attention. But this contest taught me one good thing. That is, these days whenever I read newspaper, I search for good news to read. I focus more on good rather than disturbing and sad news. This contest must also have inculcated reading newspaper habit to those who don’t and that too starting by reading #HappyHeadline. This contest is one of my favorite.


#15DaysHappyWala: Happiness should not be limited to friends. families and colleagues. We must share our happiness with strangers too. This is a competition where we have to click selfie with strangers. Trust me, Meeting strangers is full of excitement. You meet someone and feel as if you know that person since ages. Some strangers are really an inspiration!

Ramesh and his friend helped us to give polio drops to kids.
Ramesh and his friend helped us to give polio drops to kids.


#IndiaKaHappinessMeter: I was happy to see that the tweets made India’s happiness meter rise from 59% to 86%. India is indeed a happy country. Despite so many problems, they’ll always find out a reason to celebrate and enjoy.



There are many more contest happening on twitter by Sony Six and Sony Max. Kuddos to you guys for inspiring so many Indians to be happy. Haven’t participated much in any contest, but your contests are undoubtedly the best.


Dear Indians, These contests are an inspiration to be happy. To find happiness all around. To spread happiness all around. The contests might get over but we should not stop being happy and sharing it with others. Let’s make India the happiest country!



Rekha Mishra

Blogger. Dreamer. Enthusiast. Learner. I love to laugh and share the laughter with the world.

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