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Memories For Life

“I love those random memories that make me smile no matter what is going on in my life now.” -Anonymous

When things go wrong, when I face ups and downs in my life, when I feel lonely, when I don’t want to cry or when I sit idle, when I try to find a reason to smile – I just open a box full of memories, laugh and  admire those time. I won’t say that I don’t have bad memories. I do have. But when I open the box, I see good one weighs more than  the bad. Also I am very self obsessed. I love myself so much that I try not to make myself sad. I don’t like tears in my eyes.

She called out my name thrice but I was so lost in my past, giggling while recollecting about 11 July,2013. I didn’t hear my name, she threw a chalk on me. In a fraction of second I returned back from flashback to present. The first word that came out from my mouth was “Ravin”.

Everyone knows how much I love and admire Ravinder Singh. The person who gave me dreams, the person who inspired me. The person whom I look upto. Had he been not there in my life, this blog would not have existed.

11 July, 2013:

I was following him on facebook since one year. I had read his book I too had a love story. It was the second book that I had read. I was amazed by his love for ‘Khushi’. Every girl dreams of having a guy like him. She is dead but alive in many hearts. She was given a rebirth through words. His dream to bring her back to this world came true. And that’s why he is my hero. It must not be the best story for others but for me his thoughts, his pure love for her made him the hero. Every morning as soon I get out of my bed, and fold my hands for prayer, I would just ask a meet with him. 11th July 2013, my prayers were answered. My heart beats were not normal. It was too fast than any other day. From Borivali Station to Crossword, Kempfort I was nervous. He was late by twenty minutes due to traffic. And then there he was. A tall man in white shirt, fair and handsome. I could not believe, he was standing right in front of me. I don’t know why but my eyes were filled with tears. My wait to meet him got over. He launched his book, ‘Like it happened yesterday’, and the question answer round started. Readers started asking question and he answered them with a smile. I too wanted to ask question but I was blank at that time. I didn’t want to miss a single chance of having conversation with him. I took the mic and introduced myself. Too my surprise, he told “You are very active on facebook’. I was all again in tears. I never thought he would remember me. But he did. I asked my question and he replied. We got a chance to get our books signed by him. My turn came and he welcomed me with a warm smile. I sat beside him, presenting him handmade gifts and he was amused. He was happy too. He read all those dreams in which he was a part. He laughed reading my card. He smiled when I gave him the handmade bag. He promised to write a novel in a diary gifted by me. I asked him for one snap but he was ready for ‘twenty’ snaps. I asked him to sign only one book but he signed all my books. He thanked my friends for accompanying me and helping me to make those gifts. I left the place, took a train to Borivali Station. I wanted to see his autograph so one by one I opened the first page of all the books. To my surprise there was a message by him. I jumped with excitement and people were laughing. The day got ended, but the memories of that day is still with me. It’ll be forever the best day of my life. A fairy tale day of my life. I never thought I’ll get to talk to him but someone said right, “Expect the Unexpected”.

And that’s how my first meet with him was. But it didn’t stop there. I have met him many times after that and every time I see him, I go crazy. Every meet gives me a sweet memories to cherish. You know why? Because he makes me feel so special. He gives me the best memories of my life. A reply from him, an appreciation from him, a smile from him- everything is special. I don’t know if I have love any one more than him. Of course not! He is the first person that comes to my mind when I think of the word ‘love’.
Nothing is permanent here: Money, Land, assets and most importantly ‘people’ will not stay with us forever. Only thing that will be with us is memories. So keep making memories that you can cherish forever.

Even you guys can “Share your #MemoriesForLife like I’ve done at BlogAdda for HDFC Life.”

My message for Ravin: #MemoriesForLife






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