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Stop Trolling Anushka Sharma

Today I got a notification from facebook saying, “You have a memory to look back on today”. I clicked the notification to check it.

And then I saw a picture of Virat and Anushka walking together hand in hand after arriving India from Sydney. I was quite happy to see their snap. Though I love Virat a lot but I have to admit it, they really look cute together. A perfect cute couple.

Along with the pic, I had written few lines and that made me upset.

Last year, When India lost to Australia in the semi finals, last year when Virat got out with a single run, last year when Anushka was present in the Sdney Stadium to watch his boyfriend representing India- people trolled her on twitter and the trolling didn’t stop there, it continued on facebook an instagram too. They trolled her too badly. Some made lame jokes on her, some blamed her for being the reason behind Virat’s poor batting, some said she is a ‘black cat’ for team India. There were people supporting her too but the ratio was comparatively less.

Anushka was being trolled for no fault of her. Her only fault was, she was Virat’s girlfriend at that time. She was present to watch her boyfriend playing match. She was supporting team India. But that one loss made many Indians furious. That one loss, Indians could not digest. Indians have the habit to blame others if anything goes wrong. They not only removed their anger on Virat, Dhoni and other cricketers but also they brought Anushka Sharma in picture.

This trolling went on for few days. 28th March, I was happy to see this picture of Anushka and Virat together at Mumbai Airport. I thought, their love is so strong that despite people trolling them, talking nonsense about them; they were still together. I was very happy for Anushka and Virat because they were there for each other when there was a need for it.


One year passed, due to some reasons they are no more in a relationship. Virat’s batting is the reason why we are winning matches. Now that India is winning, people who were blaming Virat for the loss are now chanting ‘Kohli Kohli’.

But one thing is still the same- Anushka Sharma is still trolled.

We lose the match, she’s trolled. We win, she’s trolled! What is the problem of people. Why is she being trolled for no reason. Are people really insane? Just for some fun they troll anyone! There’s a limit to everything. Last time, she didn’t tell Virat to get out with a single run. She was present in the stadium like other Indians, cheering team India. Virat’s poor performance has no relation with Anushka Sharma.

Now that India has won many matches because of Virat, I see many tweets, messages from my friends and colleagues thanking god for their break-up. Like seriously? Being a citizen of India doesn’t mean we have got rights to interfere in anyone’s personal life including ‘Cricketers’ and ‘Actors’.

Hatsoff to Anushka, her silence proves that she doesn’t give a damn about the trolls and jokes. She proves how strong she is. I know she might be hurt but she has got many things to do in life that she doesn’t care about it. Anushka, be the way you are- strong and bold.


I feel proud to be Virat Kohli’s fan. His post on Instagram is actually a slap for all those people who insulted her without any reason. The way he supported her shows that he is truly a ‘Gentleman’.  Dear double standard people, now that you have become Virat’s fan because of his fantastic batting in the previous matches- Please stop trolling Anushka Sharma atleast for him.


By the way, I still hope they patch up again.



Rekha Mishra

Blogger. Dreamer. Enthusiast. Learner. I love to laugh and share the laughter with the world.

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