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Accept It

“Accept it. May be he’s not meant for you!” my friend said. There was a guy whom I was obsessed with. I thought, I love him. He is my true love. I am meant for him and he is meant for me. I would do everything to make him fall in love with me. But my every actions went in vain. He would never love me the way I wanted him to love me. He would just take me as his friend. I used to cry and share my pain with my friends and they would just explain me to move on.


It’s easier said than done. Moving on in life is really difficult. Especially when you put your efforts into something, especially when you value something more than your life, especially when you just don’t want to give up on something.

I have been very stubborn in my life. Be it any competition, exams or any field in my life, I used to hate losing. Losing was something not in my dictionary. Despite putting all the efforts, sometimes I would lose and that would make me hate God, hate everything. Losing made me remove my frustrations on family and friends.

There was a time in my life, when I would hate myself. I would hate people around me for no reason and one fine day, while I was sitting on the bench of my society’s park, thinking about my life. I realized the root of my problems was “Acceptance”.

Moving on was difficult because I never had the guts to accept it. It was hard to digest my loss in anything because I never accepted the fact that someone is more deserving than me. I would lose my friends because it was difficult to accept them the way they are. I use to hate myself because it was hard to accept that I too have some bad qualities in me. I would have fights with my families and friends because I would never accept my mistakes.

I can never imagine that acceptance can do such a blunder in life. As soon as I realized my biggest mistake of ‘not accepting things’ I corrected myself. The first thing I did was to accept that I have to accept. It was hard at first but with practice I am getting better and better.

I know sometimes we should not accept the thing the way they are. If we keep accepting it then we will never work hard to achieve something. Before accepting anything, just make sure you have tried your best in everything you do. Do your best and leave everything on God because hard work never gets wasted. You may not get the results of your efforts today but in future somehow your hard work will be helpful.

I would just sum up my experience and learning in some words:

Accept your defeat, so you can perform better next time,

Accept your mistakes, It’ll save relationship,

Accept yourself, it’ll make you fall in love with original you,

Accept the people the way they are, you won’t be hurt too much,

Accept the decision of God, because it’ll be best for you,

Accept it, it’ll make your life easier.

Sometimes you may not get what you want, rather than acting as a loser just accept that it was not meant for you and move on!







Rekha Mishra

Blogger. Dreamer. Enthusiast. Learner. I love to laugh and share the laughter with the world.

6 thoughts on “Accept It

  1. Hi,
    I second your thought Rekha. Sometimes I face difficulties in accepting things. I’m also trying and acceptance is making me a better person everyday.

    Will visit soon again… πŸ™‚

  2. Acceptance makes us realise the truth about ourselves. It helps us to know ourselves better. A very beautifully summed up article on acceptance. All the best for the A-Z Challenge.

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