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Four years ago, my cousin gave us a news that she is pregnant. She is the first among us to become a mother. Our big family was super-duper happy to welcome the first child after a long time. I was more than happy because I was going to become a big kid. Me and other cousins were so excited to welcome the new kid that we ordered our elders that we all are going to manage everything. We’ll be taking charge to take care of my cousin and the child.

At first, we thought it’s too easy to manage but later on we got to know that pregnancy is not at all easy. Taking care of mother, the child in her womb, her needs, pre natal care and then preparation for the arrival of the baby. God! It’s really too tough.

Things have changed now. Now everyone can enjoy the arrival of new kid without any concern of mother and child’s health because we have “Awww” with us. Awww is a service related to pregnancy. From planning to have a baby, being pregnant, to give a birth to a baby, Awww provides a custom experiences for every couples satisfying their specific needs, during  and after a child is born to make their this journey a beautiful and memorable one.

I like the name “Awww” and the reason behind this name is more cute- when you look at a new-born baby it makes you go “Awww”.

Their services includes: Books, Body change consultancy, personalized diet and nutrition, exercise session, pregnancy information and baby fetal brain development. They also provide products like: pregnancy shoes, maternity pillow, maternity skin care, maternity apparel and pre natal massages. They also excel in post natal care, baby shower, baby apparel, breast-feeding sessions and so on. They also have a blog to spread knowledge on pregnancy.

I really love the health tips on their blog.

Pregnancy has now become more enjoyable due to the amazing services provided by ‘Awww’. So all the would be mommy’s do not fear because ‘Awww’ is near  🙂 .


For more information visit “Awww”.





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