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fanRelease Date: 15th April, 2016

Starring: Sharukh Khan

Director: Maneesh Sharma.


To be honest, I am a SRK Fan. I love his acting, his passion, his dimples and his humour. I love him because he is a great husband as well as a great father. I love how inspiringly, he inspire others to dream and act.

Coming back to the movie, After watching the trailer, I was super excited for the movie. First Sharukh, second double role and third, a movie on a fan made me excited. So I, along with my colleagues went for first day first show.

A simple movie, brilliant acting by SRK, a message to all the fans in the world. Don’t let your love become an obsession.
Obsession leads to an act of stupidity. Superstars are normal human being too. Don’t expect too much from them, they have their own personal life too. Be a fan but do something that the person whom you are a fan of should be proud of you. That is what a real fan is.

You’ll love and hate both the characters: Gaurav and Aryan at some point. You feel bad for Gaurav, you also feel bad for Aryan. This is what reality is! Our love for a celebrity is pure. But unintentionally sometimes these celebrities hurt our feelings (they even don’t know us) and this might lead to hatred which is not right.

Sharukh has done awesome acting of Gaurav. I wish, his name in movie had been Sharukh only, instead of Aryan. Also, those photos that Gaurav burnt, I wish instead of burning it, he could have given me. The flashback of Sharukh’s movies was cherry on the cake!


All the best SRK! We love you a lot. Your fans are there for you. Always!

Ratings: 4.5/5




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