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“You can be the moon and still be jealous of the stars.”- Gary Allan

If I say I am not jealous of anything in this world, then I will not be honest to my readers. Honestly, most of the times I am jealous. Might be, age factor is one of the reason behind why I get jealous so easily. Jealousy is an emotion that cannot be controlled unless you know to control your mind. Being Jealous is quite normal. You want something desperately but someone else get it, you might be happy for that someone but you’ll be jealous of not having what you want.

People say, Jealousy is not good. Jealousy leads us nowhere to success. It is a self- destroyer emotion. Jealousy is dangerous than any poison. It is the worst disease a person can have. Many motivational people will talk about overcoming jealousy but I have failed in overcoming it. The reaction of jealousy is quite sudden that it happens subconsciously. And after being jealous for good long hours, I’ll realize ‘Oh! Being Jealous is bad! That’s what I have read and heard about it’.

But what I think is, “Everything in excess is bad”. Excess salt can make a tasty dish worst. Excessive usage of sugar leads to diabetes, too much of goodness can make you fool sometimes, too much of expectations leads to disappointment. Same is the case with jealousy. When you are jealous every time, it is harmful for health and mind. Too much jealousy also leads to fight, or a relationship failure. These Crime Patrol and Savdhan India’s most of the episode is the result of excessive jealousy. The more you are jealous, the more it is bad for you. Too much jealousy can even make you a monster. But Little jealousy is always good. You have to be little jealous and more happy when others achieve something. Little jealousy is a kick to do more hard work to achieve your dreams. Little Jealousy is important in a relationship. When you are little jealous if someone comes too close to your partner, trust me, your partner loves it. Your partner understands how much you love him but too much jealousy leads to trust issues between them and this leads to break up and divorce. I like when my best friends are jealous when I give more time to others, it makes me fall more in love with them. Little Jealousy is needed to become better person. Little jealousy is a motivation, “If they can, so can I”. I have always and will always try to get positive results from jealousy, so that I can say, “Little Jealousy is Good for health”.



Rekha Mishra

Blogger. Dreamer. Enthusiast. Learner. I love to laugh and share the laughter with the world.

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