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“There is no wealth like knowledge, and no poverty like ignorance.” Buddha

In life,

Friends come and go,

Materialistic things might not be there tomorrow with you,

You might not have enough money like today,

Your partner might leave you tomorrow,

but knowledge stays with you forever.

Even when you die, the knowledge you have shared stays forever,

Such is the power of knowledge.

In these 21 years of my life, if I have been continuously doing something than it is gaining knowledge. From walking on my own to riding cycle. From studying to working. From writing to reading. From being socially active to travelling- everything I do, everyone I meet leads me in gaining my knowledge.

“The pursuit of knowledge is never-ending. The day you stop seeking knowledge is the day, you stop growing.”- Brandon Travis Ciaccio

Knowledge is never-ending. One can never say, he is knowledgeable. No one knows everything. When you think you know everything, there will b certain situations that will make you realize you aren’t fully knowledgeable. There’s still many things to learn. And it’s absolutely okay if you don’t have full knowledge about something because only then you can keep learning.

“An Investment in Knowledge, always pays the best interest”-Benjamin Franklin

“More the knowledge, lesser the ego. More the ego, lesser the knowledge.”-Albert Einstein

Only an egoistic or a foolish people thinks, he is fully knowledgeable. So, don’t be foolish and gain as much knowledge as you can, irrespective of the field. Whether you are interested in a particular subject or not, have knowledge about it. Knowledge about anything never goes waste. Somewhere, at some point of time, the know ledges you have gained can save you from a big problem.

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.” Margaret Fuller

Because knowledge is worth if you know to share it. Be a seeker of knowledge and share your knowledge with others.




Rekha Mishra

Blogger. Dreamer. Enthusiast. Learner. I love to laugh and share the laughter with the world.

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