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We always want what others have. We feel bad if we don’t get what we want desperately. We pray God, we curse ourselves, we’ll be jealous of others but we don’t value the things we are blessed with.

If a friends parent gifts him a new cellphone. We’ll feel like how lucky the friend is to have such cool parents. We don’t realize how much our parents love us and do hard work to fulfil our needs. We don’t value our parents.

If a colleague buys new car, we too want it but we don’t value the car which we purchased with our hard-earned money.

We get inspired how in less time people achieve many things but we don’t value the time we have and waste it by being lazy.

We expect the person whom we love to love us back but we don’t value the people who love us without expecting anything in return.

We don’t value our present, rather we are lost in our past or dream about future.


Value what you have now, for it may not be with you tomorrow. Whatever you have, it might be less than others but some people don’t even have that. Value yourself, because you are the most important people in your life and value your health. The more you value things, the more you show gratitude and the more happy you’ll be. Dream about having more but also value what you have right now.

Value the food you eat, water you drink, value the house you have, the job you do, value your parents, value your friends, value yourself because you are absolutely fine, value whatever you have and most importantly value God!






Rekha Mishra

Blogger. Dreamer. Enthusiast. Learner. I love to laugh and share the laughter with the world.

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