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“If you have a willpower, nothing can stop you,” I explained my friend when she was thinking to quit her passion for the sake of her family.

As per the meaning, willpower is a combination of determination and self-discipline that enables somebody to do something despite the difficulties involved.

We all have passions and dreams. We all want our goals to be achieved. In the journey of dreaming to turning it to reality; we fall, we rise, we fail. In between this journey, we face too many difficulties. Not all are mentally strong, only those who have a willpower get to touch the sky.

Every person have faith that they can do it. Every person know, In order to become successful, being persistent is necessary, but it is the willpower that keeps us persistent towards us goals.

We might give many excuses to not achieve our goals but remember, “Where there is a will, there is a way.” There has to be a way or you make your own way to get what you want if you are really willing to have it.

Have you ever seen in a race, when the participant falls down, he stands and start running again, ignoring the pain he is suffering from? It is the willpower to finish it that makes them run again.

Need I say more about willpower?

Dream. Be passionate about your dreams. Work on your passion. But remember, to strengthen your willpower because that will keep you focused to reach the end, no matter if you lose or win.

It’s easier t quit, but a person with a willpower never quits because they know completing the task is better than quitting.

A person with willpower might not win sometimes, but he is always a winner.






Rekha Mishra

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