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With Cochlear™, Hear Now and Always

That’s what Sonam told all of us present in the room.


Flashback. Seven days back, twelve bloggers including me were present for the event by Cochlear™ India in ITC, Gardenia, Bangalore. To say in short, Cochlear helps people hear and be heard. They help transform the way people understand and treat hearing loss.

The event started with a small game after a warm welcome by Sonam. She asked three people to volunteer and I was one of them to participate in it. We three were given a chit and had to act on a sentence written on that chit. We all were enjoying acting and guessing the sentence and that’s when Sonam said, “Imagine if you have to do this throughout your life. Imagine if you have to play Dumb Charades every minute of your life.”


That’s when the realization hit all of us present there. Giggles and smiles were replaced with seriousness. It is not easy to keep playing Dumb Charades every time. It’s not easy to be hearing impaired and it’s not easy to live without sound. The festival of cricket won’t be a festival if there’s no sound in it. Even if we are not present as an audience in the match, we still feel we are there in the stadium only because of the loud cheering of the crowd that we can hear. Sound is so much important in life.

We are so concerned about our eyesight, about our health, looks and body but when it comes to hearing, we ignore it. We think there’s no permanent solution for it. Dr. Vasanti Anand, who was present there informed us that if detected early, hearing loss can be defeated through a Cochlear Implant. She shared her experience about cochlear implants, present life of people who went through the Cochlear Implant surgery, how difficult it is to convince people about Cochlear Implants as there is no awareness about it. There was also a small kid Shobhit present in the room. Shobhit had gotten a Cochlear™ Implant six months ago and now this small cute boy hears everything and speaks a lot too. It was so good to see him listen to us and play with all of us. Hats off to his mother for taking a decision that has helped Shobhit hear the world.


PC: Vijay
Me and Shobhit enjoying clicking selfies.

And then, the Global Hearing Ambassador of Cochlear™ India “Brett Lee” entered. It was so good seeing him take initiative in a unique activity that we hardly know about. Lots of questions were asked to Brett Lee and he answered them with lots of positivity. He talked about his tour in different countries, he talked about getting a hearing test when a kid is born, he shared his son’s story who had hearing loss for eighteen months and his reason behind taking this initiative. He cannot imagine Cricket without sounds and hence he believes in the name of the campaign –  #SoundsOfCricket. During his visits, he spends a day playing Cricket with kids who have had a Cochlear™ Implant cheering them, encouraging them and telling them “This external device that they wear doesn’t make them different. They are normal human beings”

PC: Vijay
PC: Vijay


The early the hearing loss is detected, the better it is. Get your kids’ hearing test done when they are born or when you find any signs of hearing loss. Give your child a better life. The best gift for your kids will be gifting them sound. Science and technology has done miracles. When there is a solution for eyesight problems, there is a solution for hearing loss too. Hearing loss should not be ignored. Join Cochlear™ India in creating hearing loss awareness.

 “I want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to experience what I hear, whether that’s the sounds of everyday life, the sounds of loved ones, or the sounds of Cricket.”- Brett Lee

With Cochlear™, Hear Now and Always



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