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You, Yes You!



You. You must be crazy or stupid. You might act weird sometimes. People might think you are selfish. They’ll always judge you. There must be some people who might dislike you. Some of them might rate you. You have so many flaws in you. Well, who doesn’t have? Nobody is perfect. Imperfection is the new ‘Perfection’.

You. Yes You. You are beautiful. Believe me when I say, you are amazing. Your craziness and stupidity is what I admire the most. Well, crazy people are the coolest of all! Let people think, you are selfish, let them judge you, rate you or dislike you. Who cares? Your opinion about you, what you feel should be important and not others opinion about you. You fall, you rise, you learn- you are an inspiration to many. Look at the lovely smile of yours, It makes me love you even more. Never let this smile fade away, because that makes you look lovely and charming. Stand in front of the mirror and kiss yourself, you are unique. Isn’t it enough to be proud of yourself? No? Okay, let me tell you more things about you.

You must have faced too many problems, but you have been strong enough to survive today. You are so lucky because you are alive today and have got one more day to live. You have accepted your flaws and you are trying to improve. You genuinely love someone and care about them. That makes you a caring person. You have achieved so much things in life. Your simplicity is the best attire, you wear. Now just go and kiss yourself in mirror, pamper yourself because you love yourself the most. Your happiness matters to you. Take a charge of your life. Don’t give others the remote to control you. Take care of your health because there is a saying, ‘Health is Wealth’. Live your life. Go have fun, meet new people and be happy. Because you, yes you! You deserve every bit of it.

You, Yes You! I love you. I believe you. I know you have the potential to become a star. I know you are the best and I know you are going to make your dream a reality. You, Yes You! All the best for the journey of life.





Rekha Mishra

Blogger. Dreamer. Enthusiast. Learner. I love to laugh and share the laughter with the world.

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