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Zero to Hero


When my father came to Mumbai along with my mother and elder sister, he had nothing. No house to stay, no clothes, no luxuries, no basic things- Nothing. At that time, I was inside my mother’s womb, getting ready to take birth in this beautiful place and my sister was just two years at that time. For one week, they made the roads of Mumbai, their home. Staying on road, watching my sister crying for milk, my mother’s illness had terrified my father. He was hurt. My father was ‘zero’ at that time. He had nothing, except potential to give us a better lifestyle. (That is what zero means spiritually! Potential) He worked as a laborer in a small shop, took advance from his boss and took a house on rent. He did hard work, sacrificed his needs and desire so that I and my sister can study in English medium school. He knew the importance of education and so he had invested most of his salary on our education. His potential didn’t end there, he wanted to rise! He wanted to have his own business and he did that! He is now a hero for us. This is his journey from a zero to a hero.

There are many famous people who started their journey as a zero and became a hero. But I chose to write about my father because for me, he is the best hero! He gave us a comfort lifestyle, fulfilled our needs, our demands even if it was not needed and loved us a lot. We all have one person around us who is a true hero.

Well, my intention behind this post was to make you understand the power of zero! When you have nothing in life, that is ‘zero’ you have the fire inside you to achieve what you want. Zero is a beginning, other numbers emerged from it. Similarly, zero is a beginning to become a hero. When you have the potential to do something, nothing can stop you! Be a zero, to become a hero!



Rekha Mishra

Blogger. Dreamer. Enthusiast. Learner. I love to laugh and share the laughter with the world.

4 thoughts on “Zero to Hero

  1. Both the letters, Zero & Hero, has O to end the spelling…it says that ultimately, when one leaves this world we take nothing with us but only our ‘KARMA’ goes with the departed souls…Thus, till the time one has to perform his/ her duties on this planet has to do it without any hesitation and with complete zeal to succeed.

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