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A College Trip


“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”- Augustine of Hippo.

Though I haven’t travelled much till yet, but yes I love travelling. I love the peace that I get while travelling. Travelling makes me fall in love with myself, nature and God. Travelling gives me positive energy. Travelling helps me to connect to many people and while travelling, I get many ideas to blog about.

“Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani!” Yes, I am a big fan of this movie. That movie can make anyone fall in love with travelling. When I watched the movie for the first time, I really wished to visit Manali once. Also, after watching that movie, I wanted to become a traveller like ‘Bunny’ (Ranbir Kapoor). Things might have changed but, but my love for travelling has not decreased. Not only Ranbir Kapoor, but whenever I read Rajiv’s(my blogger friend) blog, I feel like I have chosen a wrong profession.

There is one such memory of my travelling, that will always be cherished forever. My first and last college trip to Chandigarh, Shimla, Manali and Amritsar.

2013, November 25:

A day after my birthday, my college trip started. Back then, I never knew I am going to miss this wonderful trip so much. Since, my packing was done on the day of the trip, I was super late. I had to reach Bandra to board the train for Chandigarh. My dad helped me to reach Bandra Station within 45 minutes with the help of his bike. When I reached the station, I saw many parents accompanying my friends for the trip. They all wished them ‘Happy Journey’, kissed on their kids forehead and bid them goodbye. My father did the same. Yes, I had tears in my eyes because that was the first time, I was going to stay away from my family for a long 10 days. As the train started, we all took ‘Ganpati Bappa’s’ name. I could feel that I was reliving ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani,’ movie. Only difference was we were all girls gang. We played Antakshari, played cards, pasted colgate on those friends who slept like ‘Kumbhkaran’, shared some devil stories. Also there were two people who were singing kawali and we all danced in the train. It was so much fun.

Me with my lovely juniors. PC: Summaiya Sayyed
Me with my lovely juniors.
PC: Summaiya Sayyed


Playing cards with our dearest Non teaching staff
Playing cards with our dearest Non teaching staff
Kawali waale Uncle log! :P
Kawali waale Uncle log! 😛

We reached Chandigarh next day by 4.30 and took a bus to hotel ‘Golden Palms’. The hotel was such a beautiful place. We went to a mall attached to the hotel. We girls were stalking at boys. Chandigarh boys are so handsome!

Our hotel in Chnadigarh. This hotel had so many glass doors and I bumped into one and got a bum on my head :D
Our hotel in Chandigarh. This hotel had so many glass doors and I bumped into one and got a bump on my head 😀

On 27th November, we went to Rock Garden. When I came to know that this garden is built by industrial and home waste and throw away waste items, I was shocked. It was the best example of ‘Best Out of Waste’. I also met Ankur and Sanmeet my online facebook friends and they are really sweet. The same day, we also visited ‘Sukhna Lake’ where I did boating for the first time. One of my friend didn’t join us as she has phobia of water. Outside, we also did camel riding. It was such a fun to sit on camel. And then we left for Amritsar by bus.

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28th November , we reached Amritsar at midnight 1.00 am. I don’t recollect the hotel name but that hotel was surely a perfect location for shoot horror movies. The rooms were so big, there was some kind of noise coming, we all were s scared that we didn’t sleep the whole night. At morning, after having breakfast we all left for ‘Golden Temple’. What a beauty the temple is. As I entered the temple, my all stress and problems vanished. We visited the temple, said our prayers, clicked pictures, and helped in Langar. Once we were outside, we did lots of shopping. I bought patiyala for myself and my sisters, jooti for myself, kada for my friends. We also went to ‘Jallianwala Bagh’.

Me truing to be a Punjabi girl...
Me trying to be a Punjabi girl…Please don’t look at my chappals 😀

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Next day, i.e on 29th We went to Wagah Border. Till the time, I was there, I felt double proud of being an Indian. The only place that preaches peace between India and Pakistan. Not even a single second, I felt like we are two countries. Both the side of the border was crowded. I wonder, if it this crowded every time. The parade done by the soldiers is fantastic. When the national anthem was going on, I literally got goose bumps. We clicked pictures with the many soldiers, talked with them and left for dinner. After having dinner, we left for Manali by bus.


Me and hina got India Flag temporarily inked on her cheeks

The much awaited place. Manali. We reached Manali on 30th November. A beautiful and a calm city. I so wish to have a hut on the mountains of Manali like the movie ‘Highway’. The day we reached Manali, we had a DJ night. We all danced like there’s no tomorrow. Garba, Hip Hop, Marathi- all songs made us dance like crazy. It was too cold there. We were shivering like anything. P.S: I didn’t bath for 4 days 😀. Next Day, we went to Hidimba Temple and Rohtang. The roads of Manali, trees all around, the simple lifestyle of people won my heart. I want to visit Manali, once again. There is one restaurant in Manali, before Hidimba Temple where we ate mind blowing Mayonnaise Pizza in just Rs.125. The taste of pizza cannot be compared to Dominos or Pizza Hut. Yes, It was that awesome!

Me and Suhas Sir having fun in the bus.
With Juned Bhai and Ali Bhai, our tour operators.
Resturant where we had yummy pizzaaaaaa


1st December, we left for Shimla. Many of the girls got ill due to the chilled weather, so that day trip had to be cancelled. Next day, we went to Kufri. To reach the top, we had to go by horse. I was so scared to sit on horse but yes, I did go. My horse name was ‘Rosy’. It was white in color, and really pretty. Once we reached there, we did zip lining. I have a phobia of height but I did go for it. My friend Hina was so scared that she started crying. Once we were in mid way, she opened her eyes, smiled and screamed with happiness. We also went for a ghost show which gave us a small heart attack. We sat on yak and clicked pictures, we did little shopping. Also apart from Kufri, we visited a shawl factory.


On 3rd December we boarded train from Chandigarh and on 4th December we were back to Mumbai.!


So this was it. My memorable college trip.

Most of the pics have been clicked by Summaiya Sayyed, my college buddy 🙂

When I shared my experience about my college trip and how lovely these places are to my cousin, she immediately planned a trip with her husband. She doesn’t like train journey, so she planned to take a flight to Chandigarh. They got a great deal from Jet Airways. After coming back from the trip, she thanked me thousand times for telling her about the four beautiful cities of India.



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