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Mehendi Designs by Ethnico

When we were kids, me and Purvi used to fight a lot, the biggest reason was whom is Deena Aunty first going to apply Mehndi on hands. Haha! Now we don’t fight but we are learning to apply it. She always, complains that I put nice  design on my hands and worst on others hand.

Bindis, Bangles and Mehndi- I have been crazy about these things since childhood, Mehndi being on the top. Every vacation, I’ll apply mehndi design. The best thing about mehndi is even if the design is not good, it still looks beautiful. A plain circle  in between the palms, make your hand look beautiful. I have heard the darker the colour of the mehndi, the more the future partner loves you and that is why some brides during their mehndi ceremony use so many tactics to get darker colour. Lemon Sugar water, Vicks and so on are applied not only on wedding days but on normal occasion too.

I love to put mehndi on hands. I am not that good, but yes, I choose a simple design and try to apply it as good as I can. When it comes to choosing Mehndi Design, what can be better than Ethnico. It’s a site that provides Ethnic design inspiration. They have a large collection of mehndi designs and it’s easy to get one of your choice.

Generally, I love Full Hand Mehndi Design. It covers full hand and a red nail polish with it makes it look- classy! The first thing I notice in a bride is not how they look but their hands with a Mehndi design. Here are some traditional and bridal Mehndi design that I love a lot.

The Back design by Vedanshi: Just look at it, how beautiful it looks. But let me tell you, It isn’t easy to make. Making a circle within circle perfectly is really difficult. Centre design and finger design makes it look amazing.


Punjabi Bridal Mehndi: Perfect for a bride, Full hand mehndi and look at the fine designs, how amazing it looks.


I love traditional designs, but unfortunately can’t make it as perfect as it should be. So, I prefer Arabic  Mehndi design when I put mehndi  on my hands. Arabic design is simple, doesn’t take much time and looks sexy on hands. Most of the people prefer Arabic Mehndi because of its, simple yet elegant look.

Arabic mehndi mostly has different kinds of flower design in it. Flowers look beautiful anyhow, whether in reality, drawing or mehndi design. This flower design with leaves is the reason why I love this design.


People mostly prefer, to have a beautiful design on the backside of the hand, because that is more visible. And see this lovely design, I have to try it once!


Do visit the Ethnico site and check out various mehndi designs. I am sure, you’ll fall in love with the collections they have! If you have any favorite design, then do share it here. Would love to try on my hands. 🙂



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