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OneBlackMark App for TNElection2016

“Voting is our Right and Voting is our Voice”.

Let’s select a leader that can help India to develop!

It’s election time in Tamil Nadu. These days, all the political parties have started taking social media and online advertising seriously. All the politicians are on twitter, they even reply to the tweets and share the work they do on twitter. I remember, from where this all started. It started when Narendra Modi had spent too much money on Advertisements, making people aware about BJP Government.

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As a citizen I would really like to thank Tamilnadu Election Commission for its extraordinary efforts, which they have been taking since Jan-2016 for the initiatives. They came up with many voting awareness campaigns in various medium like print, celebrity video talks and through social media to achieve 100% polling in this Tamil Nadu state election 2016.

As an additional contribution to #TN100Percent initiative, we have come up with a Mobile App called “One Black Mark” wherein people can take a selfie with the predesigned voting awareness stickers. Also they can share their selfie with friends through major social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Currently it is live for Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry state Elections. Soon add other states will be added to make this as a one stop app to create 100% polling awareness in India.

One Black Mark on your finger has all the capability to make the entire political ecosystem clean. Be proud to have this #OneBlackMark in your life.

Check out the android app here iOS will be live by this weekend.

“We are doing this just for a social cause and there are no monetary benefits and we are not supporting any political parties. If you like this app and initiative please share it with your friends and family. Here’s our social media profile for regular updates.”

Twitter: OneBlackMark

Facebook: OneBlackMark

Let’s make #100percentEthicalVoting a reality. #TN100percent


Lets help to make people aware about the importance of voting!

For more information visit: OneBlackMark





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