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Riding the Beast ‘Royal Enfield’- Overcoming Fears

Bikes always fascinated me. A biker with a helmet, a leather jacket, fast speed and the sound ‘wroom wroom’ is what I love the most. Moreover a long ride on a bike is loved by everyone. Open sky, the winds brushing your body, the smile on your face, positive thoughts, and nature- who wouldn’t be in love with a long drive. Long drive is the pathway to self discovery. It helps you to know who you are and fall in love with yourself.

Whenever I saw, someone riding a bike, I would get excited. I would always wish to ride like them. Since, I was in 12th standard, I was eager to learn bike riding. Once my father tried, but I was so scared that I kept gripping accelerator and the speed got increased. My father saved me and himself from a fight that I would have landed in by hitting the car, had my father not stopped the bike on correct time. Due to fear, I stopped learning it.

Again, when I was at my sister’s place, the desire to learn bike ignited in me. I tried but somehow the fear that I had didn’t go away and once again I stopped learning it.

For few days, I didn’t have transport from my company at night because of my own mistake! And the roads are so dark, it would scare the hell out of me! Then my teammates- Wahid and Neelesh used to drop me to my PG on their bike. I would sit behind them. Again the long-lost wish came back and this time I decided to do it!

Finally after a long time in love with bike, after few trials of impressing it but getting failed, I decided to propose and get married to it by learning to ride.

Once Arun Anna was teaching me but I dint understand anything. One day, Karthik gave me his Hero Honda to learn for five minutes and later the same day, Wahid gave me his Apache for five minutes and I learnt the basic. Yesterday, Nikhil had brought his new bike ‘Royal Enfield’ to office, I was begging him to let me try once and eventually he agreed. He handed me the key. I wore the helmet and as soon as I sat on the bike, fear took over me. Fear of falling down, fear of accident and fear of getting hurt. I could hear my heart beating. Yes, it was that loud! The bike was too heavy, I was not even able to balance it. For five minutes, I sat like a statue not knowing what to do. Since, It was Nikhil’s new bike, he was scared too. He said like, “Next Time”, “If you fall down, you’ll hurt badly” and blah blah. Like other times, I thought of backing out but the resolution of 2016 was not allowing me to do so. This year, resolution list also includes- overcoming fear. I started chanting ‘Om Namah Shivay’. I closed my eyes for one minutes and recollected my own words I would say someone who tries to learn something new. “One doesn’t learn without falling down. When you rise after falling down, you start learning in true sense.” I could feel the positive energy replacing with the negative ones.

“Fall or Die, I am going to try it once,”  I said and with that I put the bike on neutral mode, pressed the clutch, and self started the bike.

“I can do it,” I said and with that I pressed accelerator and released the clutch slowly.

“I have to ride this beast,” I said and with that I put the gear again.

And there I was, Riding this beast Royal Enfield. Yesterday, I understood why it is called ‘beast’. I was on top of the air. I could listen my inner voice rejoicing, cheering for me. Still, my hands were shivering but the joy of making it was more than it. People who passed by gave a thumbs up or a smile which boosted my confidence. I had a problem in taking turns. Generally, I would stop the bike and take turn manually by applying pressure with my legs. but yesterday, I took turn without stopping it!

“I had my heart in my mouth. I thought you cannot ride but you did it!,” That’s what Nikhil said when I got down from the bike.

I just smile and thanked him.

I proposed and the bike said yes. I am making all the arrangements for wedding by learning more and more. I am still learning it and the passion of riding bike won’t stop ever.

Thank you Wahid, Vivek, Nikhil, Karthik and Arun Anna for teaching me and giving your bike to learn 😊



Rekha Mishra

Blogger. Dreamer. Enthusiast. Learner. I love to laugh and share the laughter with the world.

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