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You Raise Me Up



About the Author:

Arjun Hemmady is pursuing his Chartered Accountancy from the institute of Chartered Accountants of India(ICAI). His past time includes reading, writing and watching movies. He works in a manufacturing company.

About the Book:

It’s the authors first book. He clearly mentions in the acknowledgement that he has not read a romantic novel or watched any romantic movie but has tried to write a romantic novel. I could feel that while reading his book. The story starts with Aalok, a 28 year CA who happens to meet Priyanka, a lawyer by profession in a flight from New Delhi to Mumbai. They become friends and later start liking each other. Aalok changes himself because of his influence. Aalok is confused to start a relationship with Priyanka as he has past. Then the flashback starts, Aalok was in love with Tanvi, who came to Mumbai for her Articleship. To spend more time with Tanvi, Aalok takes up CA to spend more time with her. They both get married once Aalok becomes a CA. Due to work pressure, Aalok doesn’t give Tanvi the time he used to give before and this creates an issue between them. Tanvi, like her father becomes alcoholic to release her stress which Aalok didn’t appreciate. Their relationship is over and they get divorced. Back to present- Aalok decides to move on with Priyanka, in between Tanvi’s younger brother is diagnosed with cancer. Aalok visits Tanvi’s house in Bangalore and stays there for some time. Tanvi asks for another chance for their relationship but Aalok explains her it’s a waste of time. They finally sign the divorce paper. Once Aalok is back to Mumbai, Isha (Aalok’s twin sister) forces him to confess Priyanka his past that he kept hiding for her. Aalok does what his sister says and she leaves him. Isha, who has saved Aalok from the bullies in schools is hurt to see his brother giving up. She meets Priyanka, has a fight with her. Priyanka, is a champion in boxing whereas Isha was a national level kickboxing player during school days. Finally after that, Priyanka moves on with Aalok accepting him with his past. While Tanvi, moves on with Shashank who likes her since college days.

The plot was nice: Without much drama, Aalok and Tanvi gets separated and both of them move on in their life. No matter how much love two has for each other but they are not meant to be together. No one is at fault but sometimes things don’t work out. A simple novel, without too much masala and a simple end.

Lack of character description. All the characters is just a name, too hard to imagine them as it is not described at all. It was more of a tell than show. And too much ‘he said’ and ‘she said’ is used in dialogues which irritated me. According to me the cover page and the title does not match with the plot of the story.

All the best to the author for his future novels!

Rating for the Book: 3/5


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