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The U-Turn

I never knew that Life can take such a U-Turn.

One moment we were enjoying, singing on road and the next moment we got shattered into pieces.

One moment, I was thinking to write about my First Night out in Bangalore and the next moment my first night out turned into a nightmare!

I always consoled people to calm down, when their dear ones were in trouble but today I realized how it feels to be in their position!

Spending two hours having dinner, then spending days in hospital with a fear to lose someone is what I faced this time.

The guy who didn’t drink and smoke was lying unconscious in Operation Theatre.  He got brain, ear, nose and chest injury.

Few days back an incident happen. Everyone present there knew that it was not our mistake, but they all said “Even if it is not your mistake, we’ll support him coz he is a localite.” It made me angry. I was going to write about it.

But that day, it was a localite who helped all the way to take our team mate from  accident spot to one hospital and then from one hospital to another.

Not all people have got wrong mentality! Some people do restore your faith back in humanity!

We were all regretting sitting in the waiting area. One for exchanging bike, one for not listening to mumma who told not to go for dinner at night time, one for leaving room in anger and forcing others to join too. And one was regretting hard for the words and the thoughts that came to her mind while going for the dinner.

The person who had spread laughter was fighting for his life. The sight of his gave us goosebumps.

On one side he was covered in blood, trying hard to breathe, and on the other side we were crying and praying god to make him fine. Namaz and prayers were offered to God, but guess God had some other plan for him. Our dear friend is no more.

Every day is a nightmare, every day my heart aches while facing the reality.

Should I call life a bitch or should I just accept its bad side too.

I visited a small part of hell few days ago. Whatever I and my friends have gone through, wish no one ever faces that. In those few days, I have learnt so much about Life, Death, Faith and so more. This time Life was little more cruel while giving us lessons.

Little ignorance, we paid a huge price by losing our dear friends life. I am still not able to digest that he is no more.

Please wear helmet while riding bike. Moreover, lock it. Doesn’t matter whether  your riding or sitting behind. Wear helmet and lock it.



Rekha Mishra

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