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365 Days in Bangalore

29th July, 2015

I could feel the butterfly in my stomach while leaving my home. I had mixed feeling that day. I was happy that I was going to explore a new city for three months, I was excited because I was going to become an employee of one among the top companies- Igate. I was happy to enter into the life of an “IT Employee”. My status from student was going to change to “working”. Also, I was nervous, to spend my three months in a complete strange city. I had no friends, no relatives from Bangalore. I was confused how am I going to survive outside my birth city: Mumbai! I was upset to leave my friends. I was in tears while bidding goodbye to my family members and neighbours. At one point of time, I thought to quit and stay back. I thought to join Tech Mahindra in Pune, which is just four hours away from my city. But all thanks to my parents, they asked me to join Igate as I had got call from them before Tech Mahindra. And with that my journey to Bangalore started.

30th July, 2015

I landed Bangalore exactly at 12 am. The cool climate of Bangalore made me fall in love with this city. I could feel the winds hugging me and inviting me to this beautiful city.

I thought my journey of Bangalore will be only for three months, but God had some other plans. I got job location as Bangalore.

Surviving here was not easy, reason was food, family and traffic. As they say, Once a Mumbaikar always a Mumbaikar but I lost my heart to this city because of the awesome people I met here.

This one year in Bangalore was no less than a roller coaster ride. From training centre to office, every day was a beautiful day. Every day, life gave me memories to cherish forever. The bloggers meet I attended in this one year, gave me friends and a guide whose name is Rajiv. Meeting celebrities, interacting with them was the best thing. My office team mates- every single person is beautiful. From TL to team mates- all are my ‘HERO’. My office friends have been a great support to me. And I love them all. The friends that I made outside office are loving and sweet to me. Tapri wala Unlce, Dosa wala Uncle, Watchman Uncle, Paddu wali aunty- I have got so many beautiful members added in my family list.

In this one year, I also learnt about the sudden U-Turn Life takes. Two months ago, I was just talking with my friend how beautiful memories I have got in Bangalore and how amazing my life in Bangalore is. Life became rude with me and gave me the worst memory of my life that I could ever imagine. Two months ago, when I was appreciating how kind life has been to me, It took away our dear friend. He is so far, that we can’t see him, can’t talk to him, can’t have fun with him.

There is a pain in heart which cannot be explained. Life didn’t stop there. I started living normal like before. I scream, I shout, I laugh, I live.

“No matter what, Life goes on” is what I learnt in this one year!









Rekha Mishra

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