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Arun Anna

Arun Anna….

The first day when we entered our ODC, when Sasi was showing us our way to our cubicle, I saw him. A tall man, dark in complexion, well-built body and a wide smile on his face. God knows what he was smiling at! He was the first person whom I, Nishmitha and Suchita met. In the initial days, he was just a colleague for me but all thanks to our another  teammate Sowmeya, she asked us to tease him by calling Anna. And after some days, he seriously became my brother.

He is not the one, who’ll take my side. In fact, if someone is teasing me, he’ll join them and make fun of me. He’ll talk nonsense about the person whom I admire the most. He’ll irritate me a lot. Sometimes he’ll act like a typical brother!  Sometimes, he says he’ll divorce me as a sister because he doesn’t like the guy on whom I have crush or if I do or say something wrong, just to show how good he is as a brother.

This is for you Arun Anna,

You have joined new company but there is no one to take your place. There’s no one who can do as good mimicry as you in entire ODC. There is no one who imitates my walking style as fantastic as you. There is no one whom I can take divorce as a sister. There is no one to ask me, ‘how dare you talk about this in front of your brother. There is no one to mimic, “Oo Wowwww” and “kitna shana” like you. There is no one who can draw as good as you. Though you keep on meeting us, which is not very often we don’t get time to fight. I miss your over acting in boxing! Arun Anna, thank you so much for the advice that you gave on your farewell. “To be who I am and not to change for anyone.” When someone tells me how unprofessional I am, I still feel happy because I have someone who want me to be myself! Arun Anna, you are a bunch of talent who is by mistakenly in IT just like me! You know I won’t say I love you in person that is why this post is to tell you how much your little sister loves you. Be with me always. Keep meeting often my handsome anna. You are the best! Thank you for boosting me when I didn’t even deserve it. I miss you anna. I miss you so badly.


Arun Anna




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