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Wahid Urf Wah Shaik!

Before meeting him,

Whenever I read any post about humanity,

Whenever I watched any videos on kindness,

Whenever I heard people talking about helping others,

I used to wonder if such people really exist!

I mean, yes there are many good people in this world but how can someone be 24*7 nice?

There are many people who are kind and helpful but, at some point of time, all of them think about themselves.

He is different.


Wahid this is for you,

You do not belong to this world. I know many people who help others but everyone including me have some motive or reason behind being helpful but you do it selflessly. You are just like us but your nature makes you different from all. That evergreen smile on your face while talking to others, the respect that you give to everyone, the patience with which you deal with people are the qualities that makes you unique. How can someone be satisfied with whatever they get? You live happily with whatever you have. How? I really want to learn to be kind and helpful like you.

I still remember, that night when I didn’t have transport and you had morning shift. You came back to office at 11 pm to drop me home. When I forgot my wallet, you had lend me money. Two months ago, when we were all shattered, you acted bravely when there was a need for it. You were depressed too but pretended to be strong so that I and Suchita can act normal. That day in hospital lift, when we got the worst news of our life, you were crying too but you were trying to make me understand about life and its part and parcel. The day when it was raining heavily, you forced me to take a bus and you came drenching in rain on bike. Our talks where you explain me where I am going wrong, how to be careful and so on. Every small actions of yours strengthens my respect that I have for you.

Wahid, I may not tell you, but I have deep respect for you and trust me like you, I’ll always be by your side. I may fight with you but I love you more than those fights. I might say bad about you on your face but from the bottom of my heart I wish, you get all the happiness in this world. Be like this forever. And mind you, after reading this you say, “Oh! You want chocolate?” Because “What are you talking, eh?” I am not like you!





Rekha Mishra

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