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Bade Bhaiyaaa

Hailing from the same city, we already had some connection but as time passed our connection has now become heart to heart. The first time I met him, I called him as ‘tu’ and what came next was a big lecture on manners. Angry Young Man, I thought he is!

Bade Bhaiya,

We both have had our own share of fights. And I know the fighting between us won’t stop ever because we both our short-tempered and controlling our anger is quite impossible. Remember that day, after our night shift got over and we were having tea? God! Such a disaster fight it was. And our fight during team picnic? Can something be more worst than that? But no matter how short-tempered we are, we easily patch up. I was all in tears but didn’t show when we were having tea. We left for the day. Luckily, we both were in same cab. You sat beside me and smiled. We started talking on a different topic. We do not say sorry to each other and start talking normally. The best relationship is where you do not have to say sorry again and again.

I always say that, you are like a copy of my father. So thank you father figure for becoming my bade bhaiya. Like a big brother you have teased me, irritated me, at times scolded me, at times tried to make me little mature and every time you loved me.

Rizwan used to call you, “Bhaiya Tiwari”. All thanks to him, it’s because of him, I started addressing you as “Bade Bhaiya” and that’s how our brother-sister relation started.

Do you know the best thing about you?

You do not mix your personal and professional life. You don’t even spare me from your professionalism inside office. From teaching to giving me work so that I learn and scolding me so badly to make me responsible, thank you for everything you did. Little knowledge that I have, had it not been you I would have failed to implement it. Giving gyaan on learning, how to behave in office (though I fail to follow it), explaining what is important and what not, I would have been such a mess, if you were not with me.

“Me apne liye bada kanjus hu. Apne liye paise kharch karne me badi jaan jati hai.”

“No problem Neelesh ji. Aap mere pe kharcha karna and me aap pe.”

“Tum bhi to apni hi ho!”

Hahaha. Everytime, I think about this conversation that we had, I cannot control my laughter. Like seriously? Hahaha! Sometimes, the way you talk is so funny. You are such a kid especially when we play UNO.

Neelesh Ji, I love you bade bhaiya. Always be like this. And do not stop fighting with me because the more we fight, the strong our relation will become. And yes, do call me for your wedding, we both have to do UP wala Dance. And by the way Bade Bhaiya, you are really smart!





Rekha Mishra

Blogger. Dreamer. Enthusiast. Learner. I love to laugh and share the laughter with the world.

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