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First impression is never the last. His first impression was “Sadu“.

“God why so much attitude?” was the first thing that came to my mind when I had a conversation with him.

Yes. I agree I was quite irritating but back then I was an over excited fresher so he could have talked properly.

Later on, as I got to know him I feel so blessed to meet a person like him.

Hey Paddu,

The day I came to know you are leaving Capgemini, I thought it’s a joke but when I came to know that it’s true, I was shocked yet happy. But when I came to know you are going to Hyderabad, I got a mini heart attack. Leaving this company is fine but leaving Bangalore, not fair!

You are like a typical South Indian actor. Though like a South Indian Actor, your life is not complicated and touchwood it shouldn’t be ever. Too much acting, too much self-love, lots of action, lots of drama but a hero is always a hero! And so are you…

I cannot say, I hate you Vivek and I am not going to miss you, because that is what I am going to do, keep missing you in office. I’ll miss our chidiya udi and how horribly you used to hit me. I am gonna miss being called ‘Ladoo’, ‘hathi’, ‘pandi (pig)’, ‘Buffalo’, ‘Rabbit’, and so many more names given by you. I’ll miss you whatever shift I am in, we had so much to talk about . From faltu physics to philosophy, from gym to movies, from friends to our family, our talks would never end. Those stories that you make instantly and me believing in it only to realize later that you were just having fun is what I am going to miss the most.

The good thing about you is, you don’t care what people think about you. The better thing about you is, you do not judge people and the best thing about you is, the respect you have for your friends. You cannot listen anything wrong about your friends even if someone is kidding.

When we were freshers, you used to teach us. And hats off to you for teaching us same thing again and again. Till today you used different techniques to make me understand many things.

Thank you for listening to all my sad, happy, funny and boring stories. Well, its vice versa, you can thank me too 😎 

I am not a racist Vivek but I love to fight with you and so I do racism. South Indians are the best, especially Andhra people. Don’t be happy, I am talking about others in the office. You are still worst for me.

When every time, you kept reminding me your no. of days left in office, I felt like giving you tight punch because you did the same by words. The days got over Vivek, and I hate it that you won’t be coming to office from tomorrow.

I always say that you are not my best friend but I am your best friend but the fact is you are my best friend. I can be who I am, when I am around you without giving a second thought. Silly, fool, over actor and sometimes intelligent too.

To be honest I am not happy, you are leaving this company but our friends in office say, it’s for your good, so I have made up my mind to be happy. But the fact won’t change. I am not happy, what would I do without you?

I know that you too are not happy to leave this city, your roommates, your friends, your colleagues but sometimes life forces us to take decision against our wish only for our betterment.

I have so many time said that, I hate you Vivek. But no, I don’t hate you at all. In fact, I love you the most. You have been that kind of friend we see in movies or read in novel. Always by your side. Not with me though, only for Dilip, Pittu, shiva and so many more. Okay, I agree you are good to me sometimes. Only sometimes.

I feel so terrible to write this, “We won’t be meeting often, we won’t be talking daily. No more fights, no more chidiya udi, no more bets and no more losing and winning it. We wont be able to share our stories, you might me super busy to even reply to my messages because I am not your friend right! But please be in touch”.

I am damn sure, office is going to be a boring place without you! Miss you paddu. Love you, Ganda wala Ladka and yes! Mr. Devdas your hindi is as worst as you.

Arun Anna asked me to tell one bad thing about you. I know you are worst but seriously, I was honest when I said there is nothing bad about you.

I know you don’t care if someone has expectations from you but If you are going to Hyderabad then I expect you to be here on my birthday. Take it as an order or request but do come as Ramu Anna is going to treat all of us. Lol!








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