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#DearZindagi, I Love You!

“Aye zindagi tu kyu itni haseen hai,

Ae zindagi tu kyu intni khoobsurat hai

Jee chahta hai tujhe gale se lagakar tera shukriya ada karoon,

Jo tu na hoti to mera astitva hi na hota!”

Dear Zindagi,

Many congratulation to us, this Nov 24th we’ll be completing 22 years in this beautiful world. I am super happy because this 22 years of journey was not easy but we made it.

When my mother had complications during my birth, when the doctor had asked my father to choose between mother and me, let me thank God for giving me enough strength to fight for my Zindagi. Had he not blessed me, I wouldn’t have got the best companion in the form of you.

The reason why today I call you my best companion is because you know everything about me. There is nothing hidden from you. You know my strength as well as my weakness, you know how good and how bad I am, you know how selfless and how mean I am and, you know when I am honest and when I am fake. Like a friend you have been with me always. Like a teacher you have taught me lessons through experience, Like parents you have always protected me from all the bad things. Like a lover you have taught me to love my soul. Yes, you are the best companion.

When I had a complaining nature, when I would crib about every small thing, you arranged my meeting with people who have nothing and are still happy. You taught me to be grateful in every situation. Trust me, at present I have so many desires but more than those desires, I am grateful for everything I have.

When negativity was creating problem in my life, when I just wanted to give up, when I cursed you, you taught me your value. You taught me that “Life is beautiful, only if you want it to be.”

You taught me how beautiful dreams are and you also taught me how awesome it feels when dreams turn into reality. You made me dream and do hard work to fulfill those dreams.

You warned me from making mistakes but you never stopped me from committing mistakes, because you wanted me to learn from every mistake I did. Yes, you are quite successful in this task, because every mistake has made me a better person today.

I always participated to win, but than many times I lost. Sometimes, I felt worst and sometimes I felt happy. You taught me participating is more important than winning. You taught me about the opportunities one gets by just participating in anything. You taught me ‘Sportsmanship spirit’.

You taught me to be patient and not lose faith when everything was going wrong in my life. You taught me to believe in myself, you taught me to love myself and you taught me to become better person day by day.

“Do pal khusiyon k, to do pal gam k,

Zindagi ka matlab hi chalte jana hota hai!”

You made me realize two important things about you that, “Life is all about living in present, without any regrets of past and without any concern of future. Live in Now and Live it Now” and “No matter what Life goes on!”

When my Aunt had committed suicide that day I realized the value of life and how a mother dies every single night that she could not do anything to save her child. When one of my teammate died in an accident, I realized that nobody can give guarantee of their life. One moment you are happy and the other moment you have to leave this world. I also realized that the people are more concerned about money.

There are few things I regret doing but then I promise to not to repeat those again.

I am still learning to not judge people. Trust me, one day I’ll overcome this one too.

I thought you are my enemy who just wants to make my life hell, but as time passed I understood you are not my enemy but my best friend. Thank you for making me an optimist person. Thank you for showing me light in the darkness, Thank you for being with my when I was lonely, thank you for hugging me when I was crying, thank you for slapping me when I was wrong, thank you for making me smile when I was upset. Thank you for helping me find beauty in everything. Thank you for painting my life colorful! Thank you for letting me be who I am- An immature kid who is still exploring herself and her zindagi! I know there are many thing you have to teach me, be little kind( you already are) and keep blessing me.

“Zindagi chalti jati hai,

maine kabhi isko kisike liye rukte huye nahi dekha hai

kuch shan maine logo ko rote huye dekha hai,

to kuch shan k liye maine logo ko toote huye dekha hai,

Par jaise din dhalne k baad, agle din suraj ugta hai,

vaise hi zindagi ko b maine chalte huye dekha hai….


With Love,



“I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda“.




Rekha Mishra

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