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#DearZindagi Take-2

Dear Zindagi,

Strange isn’t it? This is the second time I am writing a letter to you in this month. What to do? I am just back home after watching #DearZindagi and all I want to do is- talk to you. Also, I am going to make sure I keep talking to you frequently.

Last time, I had thank you for painting us colourful. But this time, I want us to learn some good things from this movie that are going to help us in long run. We both have read those life lessons many times. There is nothing new about the lessons (Jehangir Khan aka Sharukh) talks in this movie but we all have a busy life and we keep forgetting some important life lessons. Sometimes we need a reminder to take charge of our life and this movie has done it brilliantly.

The first and the foremost lesson we have to learn is “acceptance”. Accepting yourself. No matter how good or how bad you are, you have to accept it. The day you learn acceptance, you won’t feel bad when others talk wrong about you because you know who you are.

Ignore. Many time people have asked me to stop being a kid, or they have advise me to become mature, they teach me when, where, and what I should I talk. I know, they say it for my good and I should be thankful to them. But when my heart says, to be a kid, I have to ignore them. When I want to be just to who I am, I have to learn to ignore them. When I am happy dancing on the street, singing in the crowd, having fun all the time- If I am really happy the way I am, then I have to learn to ignore. As Sharukh says, “When we understand ourselves well enough… then it doesn’t matter what others think about us.. not at all”

So yes Accept yourself and ignore others if you are happy with who you are!

Zindagi, we have made many mistakes in life… Some mistakes are small and some mistakes are full of guilt. There are days, when those mistakes haunt me and I would not sleep the entire night due to guilt. It is absolutely okay… No one is perfect and so are we! “Let us not let our past blackmail our present to ruin your future.”

Zindagi, let us take charge of our life. Whatever we do- if it is good, then credits goes to us. If something goes wrong let us not blame others for it because at the end of the day, it was our decision of doing it. There will be a time, when some people would come and show us the way towards our dreams but let us not be dependent on that person to take us till the end. You gotta get up, lace your shoes and walk or run towards your goals because “Life is like a jigsaw puzzle, people will only help us in finding and connecting the puzzle pieces but only we can complete the puzzle.”

Zindagi, I’ll become a mother one day but make sure I become a parent only when I am ready to give my kids a bright future. Help me to not leave them, no matter what bad days I will be going through. Help me to become their friends and be with them like a #BFF.

Zindagi, many times I have hid my feelings inside me. Many times, I haven’t expressed my parents I love them, I haven’t told my sister that I am with her, I haven’t said thank you to my friends to make me feel special, I haven’t said a stranger that I like them and they inspire me. We have to learn to express frequently. We need to let our heart speak rather than letting our mind to control our heart. We strongly need to express all the emotions that we go through every day. Zindagi, it’s okay to cry in public or in private. Crying doesn’t make us weak, in fact it relieves us from the pain that we are going through inside. So, if we feel like crying, let us not ever hesitate to cry.

Take it easy Zindagi. We don’t have to choose difficult path to achieve what we want when we know we are not prepared for it. We’ll not chose difficult path to prove others that we can do it. Remember our competition is with our selves. To become the better version of us. We don’t have to set time to run 5 km in 30 minutes, we don’t have to hate us for not completing the race in 30 minutes. Also we don’t have to punish us for it. Why punish ourselves when we can reach our goal by taking our own time? Why make it difficult. First lets learn completing 5 km run and then learn to complete it in 30 minutes. Same applies to all the other things in life. Take it easy.

That’s all for this time. Let’s hope we two incorporate these lessons in our life to make our life more awesome!


With Love,




Rekha Mishra

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