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12 Lessons from 2016

2016 is no less than a roller coaster ride. This year is definitely not the best but this year has taught me some important lessons I will never ever forget. Every month I have given some tests and as a result I have learnt lessons. So here are some lessons, 2016 has taught me:

  1. Nobody can help you unless you decide to help yourself: By nobody I mean nobody, not even your parents, best friends, strangers, coach nobody can help you. They all can guide you, ease your pain but you need to walk on the path of life. This path is your journey and nobody can help you to complete it unless you want to. They can advise you but you are the one who has to take decision. There is this friend of mine who used to smoke four-five cigarettes in a day. I would always taunt him, advise him or at times request him to quit smoking but he would never listen to me. And one day suddenly he quit smoking. That time what I didn’t understand was, I cannot help anybody unless they want to.
  2. Anything can happen at the next moment. Live as much as you can: I still remember the night we were all laughing and celebrating life and the next moment we were all shattered into pieces as our friend met with an accident. Five minutes before his accident, he said that this was the first time he had enjoyed so much. And who knew that night would be his last day on earth. All his life he was busy fulfilling his responsibility that he forgot to live his life. Life has no guarantee. You have no idea when you have to leave this world. Make moments and enjoy as much as you can.
  3. Every bad experience has a hidden lesson: Something goes wrong in my life, I would always question God, “Why me?”. I would get angry on him for creating problems in my life only to realize lately that he has something important to teach me. Sometimes Life has to be cruel to make us a better person. Next time, when you ask God, “Why me?” try to figure out the hidden message he is trying to give you.
  4. Too much expectation and self-doubt leads you nowhere: When you start expecting too much you always get disappointment in return. And when you have too much self-doubt, it kills your confidence. And these two leads you nowhere in life. Stop expecting too much, stop doubting and start believing in yourself. The day you start believing in yourself nobody can stop you from becoming successful.
  5. Money is not everything: Though we say that, money is not everything but I have experienced some people making your life hell for the sake of money. Those people were not wrong but the way they tortured us was. We lost respect for them and next time we might fear to help anybody.
  6. You cannot be good to a person every time. You cannot make everybody happy: There are millions of people out there. Many will love you and some will hate you. Chill! No matter how hard you try some people won’t be happy with you. Also, you cannot be good to a person every time. There could be many reasons behind it. Next time when you hurt your best friend don’t be guilty about it instead say sorry and move on. Don’t over think.
  7. Choice is ours: When something goes wrong don’t blame others for it because it was your choice. Nobody can force you to do something unless you choose it. There were many things I did wrong and I would always blame others but deep in my heart I knew the choice was mine.
  8. Being away from family makes you independent in true sense: Earning doesn’t always make you independent but taking self-responsibility does. Once in a lifetime, be it for study or work you have to be out, away from your family and city to become independent. Being alone teaches you to manage your life and yourself.
  9. Before judging someone step into their shoes or else shut up: I guess it will take me one more year to become pro in this. I will always judge people and regret later when I come to know how wrong I was. For me, his/her actions were wrong but I would never think what made him/her do it. Also, sometimes it is better to not poke your nose in everybody’s matter.
  10. Never hurt your parents: My cousin is missing since nine days. I could see how hurt his parents are. Every morning they hope to see their son back home and every night they cry because of disappointment. Since the day he is missing, I have decided not to hurt my parents ever. I would never give them a chance to cry because of me. No matter whatever hardship I am going through I would never let them down.
  11. Keep Learning: No matter how small or big it is, keep learning. Learning should never stop. Learning not only makes you wise but it enhances your personality. I have been learning hacks, workouts, doodling, writing and these things make me happy. I want to be a Learner throughout my life.
  12. No matter what, Life goes on: I have said this many times in this year but this is the biggest lesson I have learnt in 2016. When my friend died, I thought Life would stop for us but it didn’t. It kept on going. I smile, cry, fight, make others laugh like before. When Arun Anna and Vivek joined new company, I thought office would become a boring place but it didn’t. I love going to office as much as I did before. Life doesn’t stop for anyone, it goes on!

I am sure you all must have learnt some lessons too, do share it by dropping a comment here as I am interested to know about the lessons you all have learnt in 2016  πŸ™‚





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