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#BergerXP Indiblogger Meet

What comes to your mind when you think about getting your home painted ?

Awesome Idea, but too time-consuming.

Cleaning the house is no less than a headache.

Should be budget friendly. No compromise on quality or quantity.

Finding good painters and deciding what color suits your home, as per your requirement.

Well, let me give me you all some good news. Painting home is no more a worry, In fact it has become faster, cleaner and better with Express Painting by Berger.

Last Saturday on 10th Dec,2016 I had attended #BergerXP Indiblogger Meet at The Lalit Ashok, Bengaluru. Too be honest, I had gone to meet my blogger friends and have some fun. I love Indiblogger meets as they know how to make your day special. I returned home not only with smiles, gifts, new friends, vouchers and photos but also with lot of useful information related to painting home.


By the time we reached the venue, we were all hungry. Firstly, we all had lunch. This time I made sure to read labels and eat Veg. Lol! I enjoyed eating Gulab Jamun as it was too yummy and also it my favorite sweet dish.


After lunch, the event kick started with a small warm up session by Karthik which was no less than a laughter session! We also had Foot balloon Bursting activity. The activity was to tie the balloon to our feet. Destroy others balloon and make sure to save our balloon from bursting. Haha! I was so busy in bursting others balloon that I didn’t notice that somebody had already busted my balloon. (P.S. I was not able to burst even a single balloon.)

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Anoop introduced us to Chandranath Banerjee (Service Head – Express Painting). He gave us insight about the brief history of the company, their motto and various services provided by them.


Key Highlights of the session:

Innovation: Since 10-15 years, the motto of Berger Paints is “Innovation”. They have been working on new ideas, taking new risks that no other company thinks about. Berger paints ranks second among the top paint companies. It is headquartered at Kolkata, with 10 strategically located manufacturing units and about 110 stock points. The company also has an international presence in 4 countries (Nepal, Bangladesh, Poland and Russia).

Express Painting:

Upgraded painting process: As per market research the process of painting for consumer was time-consuming  which came with its share of health hazard. Berger Paints came up with the Express Painting service. Express Painting is a revolutionary concept of painting homes. It helps us to change the way we paint our home with automatic machines.

No mess tool: Express Painting is an advanced and modern process complimenting the needs of today’s home. It has high-speed tools that helps us to get sparkling results. These tools are high-speed automatic machines that help in completing the entire home painting job in almost half the time, in a dust-free manner, to ensure comfort and convenience of the customer.

Aim- Faster, Cleaner and Better experience for consumers: The mechanized tools used by the painters ensure that the painting job is 40-50% faster than the manual method. The mechanized Sanders with inbuilt vacuum suction reduces the dust generated during the sanding process which inturn helps us to get cleaner results. The mechanized tools helps in better surface preparation resulting in better finish.

End to end painting solution: The executive and the painters help you to provide end to end solution. You have any doubt at any time, the executive and the painters are always there to answer it. From budget, to color and design, they help you from scratch and provide you the best options available in the market.

Trained painters: Express Painting was launched in 2015. Since then, 15000 painters have got trained to give the best services. They take review from customers and train the painters to fulfill the customers expectation and give them best results.

No extra cost: The plus point is you get all the above mentioned benefits and more at no additional cost! Good news right? SMS XP to 56767 and get more details if you are thinking to paint your home or visit Berger Paints India Limited  for more information.


We also had two more fun events related to painting. Each team had 5 members. Being the captain, I had chosen my cool blogger buddies (Ajay, Reema, Ramya and Anvitha) for my team and we named it as #RekhaKiSena.

The first task was sanding. We had to sandpaper a block of wood coated in white and make it uniform and smooth. Our face were covered with mask, we were given hand gloves and surgical cap. I felt like a doctor operating a patient. Last time, when my home was getting painted I had seen painters doing this task. I used to think, that this task is so easy until I had actually tried it. We took 2 mins 31 seconds to complete the task. It was neither too difficult nor too easy!

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Second task was to paint on a canvas. Out of the choices given we selected the theme, “Incredible Colors of India”. Before we actually started painting we were given information about primers, paints and different painting equipment required while painting home. Chandranath Banerjee explained us the process of mixing primer, paint and water which I didn’t understand at all. We were given twenty minutes to finish the task. For the first five minutes we were discussing the idea. And the last fifteen minutes made me realize that painting is not my cup of tea. Somehow, we completed our painting and it was not that bad!2223


airless-spayer paint-roller




The event came to an end with the group picture and yes we also took the #MannequinChallenge which was really fun!



Thank you Indiblogger for organizing such awesome meets! Proud to an Indiblogger Fan.




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