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That Day Everything Changed for Her

That day. Yes, that day everything changed for her. To be precise, she changed everything. She changed her rules, she changed her life. She decided to be brave and confident. She decided to take a charge of her life. She decided she won’t run from her fears instead she would face them.

Every day was a nightmare for her. From the tender age of  six, she had been a victim of physical abuse. Her uncle wouldn’t even leave a single chance to take advantage of her. He would bribe her with chocolates and Barbie dolls so that she would keep it as a secret between the two. She kept quite as she had no idea that something wrong was happening with her. When she grew little older, she understood she was being physically abused. She was about to tell her mother the whole incident she was going through but, something stopped her. She knew her mother won’t  believe her. Even if she believed she would ask her to be quiet as her uncle was like a younger brother to her mother. The fear of being judged by her mother stopped her from discussing the issue. Once again she decided she’ll tell her mother even if she doesn’t believe her. She narrated the entire story to her mother and she believed her. She wished she would have told her earlier. With the help of her husband, her mother removed the uncle out of the house. She was happy that she won’t go through those nightmares again. But the “Fear of being physically abused again” still existed. She would always prefer to stay at home. She wouldn’t talk to boys as she thought anybody could take advantage of her. She lived with that fear. Those nightmares she thought wont disturb her again but, it did in the form fear.

That day she was walking alone on the road. It was a quiet road. She knew someone is following her on the bike. She knew something was not right. But this time she promised she won’t  let anything wrong happen to her. This time she knew if she didn’t  do anything to protect her she would die with those fears. She knew to stop those nightmares she had to something. And that day she decided to take charge of her life. She didn’t run from her fears but she prepared herself to face it. She dialed 100 on her phone, pretended as if she is talking to a friend and informed the police where she is. She then removed the pepper spray from her purse. She was ready to fight for herself.

Her instinct was right, they were trying to molest her but this time she was prepared. She would at least try to save herself instead of crying and being quite. She looked at them, smiled and then she put the pepper spray in their eyes. She knew the pepper spray effect won’t last longer so she decided to hurt them where it hurts the boys most. She could see her Uncle’s face in those boys. She lost her temper thinking about her Uncle. She kicked them on their groin. She was relieved when she saw them crying in pain. By that time, the police arrived too. They took those boys to police station and appreciated her for her bravery.

That day onward she slept peacefully without any nightmares. That day. Yes that day everything changed for her. To be precise, she changed everything.

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