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Veronika Decides to Die



About the Author:

Paulo Coelho is a Brazilian novelist. He has also worked as a journalist, lyricist and theater director and actor. He is the recipient of numerous international awards.

About the Book:

“Veronika Decides to Die”. This title reminded me of my aunt. As I have already witnessed a suicide case in my family, I picked up this novel to find an answer for my aunt’s suicide. This book has not only answered my question but has also changed my perception towards life. As I finished the last page of the book, I feel like we are all mad people stopping ourselves from doing what we really wish to, just because society will think we are mad. And what is society; nothing but a bunch of mad people.

What if you come to know you have only limited time left on this earth? Well we all know that one day, sooner or later we have to leave this world. We all know that Death is immortal. But what if you come to know that you have just one week time left and then you won’t exist here. Would you still care about the society. No! You wouldn’t.

Veronika decides to commit suicide by taking pills. When she wakes up, she finds herself in a mental hospital. She wanted to die as soon as possible and then doctors inform her that she has only a week time left as her heart has been damaged by the effect of those pills. She is surprised yet happy to know that she’ll die soon. Spending her days in Villete (mental hospital) and being surrounded with mentally ill people, she realizes mad are those who are outside the hospital. The one week time was a journey to discover her true self. She did everything that she wanted to without the fear of being judged. She regretted having limited days left but she made sure that she would live as much as she can. Not only that, her limited time period had made many people realize about the importance of their life and some left Villete to live their life the way they want. The doctor had lied to Veronika that she had a week time left for his research and he concludes that when people are aware about the death only then they can live their life to the fullest.

The examples and the philosophy on life is absolutely the best read. We could relate to the examples given in the book with our own life. While I finished the last page of the book, I felt so inspired to live without fear, laugh and not give a damn about anybody.

Rating for the Book: 4.5/5




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