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This Thing called ‘Love’

Love.. It is disgusting when you fall in love with somebody and people ask you, “Why only he/she?” or “What on earth made you fall for him/her?” They want to know the reason why you love a person so much. I don’t think even the world’s best author who are so good with words can describe why they fall in love with somebody. Love is such a pure feeling which has a direct connection with the heart. You don’t love a person from mind (unless you have got some big intentions) to justify why you are in love with a person. You fall in love with heart which happens unintentionally. They say, you shouldn’t fall blindly in love with anybody..You must be practical too.. Even I have had this thought so many time but trust me, love doesn’t work this way. It just happens and you have no control on it. You meet a person and your heart says, this person is worth taking risk. You don’t know if that person will be yours or not but you do know you are ready to fight with the whole world for him/her. Love never gives you pain, it is the expectation in love that results into the pain. Love doesn’t come with expectation. Expectation is a desire we crave for. Love doesn’t hurt anybody, it is the expectation that gives us wound. Love without expectation is the purest form of emotion. I don’t say don’t take risk for your loved ones, you should and you must but you should also be able to handle the end result which may or may not be in your favor. Is it a compulsion for love to be from both side? To be honest, it isn’t. You cannot make anybody fall in love with you if that person doesn’t want to. You can just try but don’t have any false hope. Don’t  end your life being depressed, by doing something wrong to yourself if you fall in love with a wrong person or with somebody who is not meant for you. You should be thankful because you loved somebody more than yourself. You should be happy because love teaches you so many lessons. Love introduces you to so many qualities that helps us to live a beautiful life, like:

  1. Giving: You give your all for the person you love. You learn the joy of giving.
  2. Hope: When you love somebody, you have hope that one day he’ll love you back. A person without hope is dead from inside. It teaches you to be optimistic.
  3. Unconditional: You learn to love unconditionally.
  4. It teaches you to be happy. The atmosphere around you gives you positive vibes.

Only thing you need to learn is stop expecting in love because love doesn’t come with expectation. And yes! Love doesn’t come along with reason too… You love something about someone and you start loving the person the way he/she is with his good and bad qualities. You know you love that person but you don’t know why you love him/her. You know your heart flutters just by one look of that person but you don’t know why! You just start humming some song when you are in love but you don’t know from where are those lyrics coming from. So it’s perfectly okay, when you cannot answer why you love somebody so much.


And don’t feel bad when people judge you by asking, “Was it really easy for you to move on..” Don’t feel hurt or get angry when they question your love by asking you “You had been once in love before, how come you can fall in love again..” and don’t ever think you cannot fall in love again because you can.. just like life goes on.. the same is with love.. Some people are lucky to fall in love with only one person till the eternity while some have to work hard to find the right one. You have all the rights “to love and to be loved” and yes, love does happen more than once. Had this not been the case we would have not fallen in love with anybody except our parents. I would just say that love multiplies..




Rekha Mishra

Blogger. Dreamer. Enthusiast. Learner. I love to laugh and share the laughter with the world.

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