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House of Cards. Season 5- Episode1

“There are two kinds of pain. The sort of pain that makes you strong, or useless pain, the sort of pain that’s only suffering. I have no patience for useless things.”

The first dialogue by Kevin Spacey in the show House of Cards and I knew I am going to be a fan of this man and this show. With every season I completed watching, I would eagerly wait for another one. House of Cards Season 4 was released in March 2016 and after a wait for more than a year Season 5 is finally here and I really can’t control my excitement.

How many of you over here have watched House Of Cards? To those, who have no idea what House of Cards is, let me give you a gist of it.

“Power” If I have to describe the story in one word then the word ‘power’ would be apt for it. House of Cards is an American web television series based on political drama. This series is an adaption of the novel by Michael Dobbs. The story is about Frank Underwood who is dashing, manipulative, ruthless and most importantly cunning and his wife who has got the same quality as Frank. After being denied from the position of Secretary of State, Frank Underwood would do anything to gain power. The story revolves around corruption, sex, greed, love and power.

So now that the Season 5 is released, I know I would be awake till late night, with earphones plugged in my ears and charger connected to my phone until I am done watching the last episode of this season.

War. Fear. Brutal. Total.

The Last Season ended with giving us some idea about the Season 5. Season 5 is going to be all about the war. This season we are going to witness the Underwoods ruthless and ferocious nature!

“We are at War!”

“We don’t submit to terror. We make terror.”

Please note beforehand that this post contains some spoiler! 😛

Season 5, Episode one starts with Claire filming a message for the American citizens to voice out if they see something unusual happening around them. The message was to let the citizens know that the Underwoods and the government are there for them but in reality this was Claire’s way to instill fear in the minds of Americans. On the other hand, Frank Underwood grabs the microphone in the congress chamber and with aggression he says he want war with ICO. Later they visit Jim Miller’s family to offer their condolences for Jim who was killed by the terrorists.

“I wish you die and she becomes the president”

That expression on Frank’s face when Jim’s daughter, Melissa whispers this dialogue in his ear was a bang on! It was no less than a slap on his face.

Claire finds an opportunity and heads to talk to Joshua, the terrorist mother when she watches a video where Hannah is defending the mother by saying, “A mother should not be punished for a son’s sin.”

The end is quite shocking. Well, Frank is capable of doing that but still I wasn’t expecting it. He pretended that his team was in search of Joshua when he was already in their custody. He orders to kill the terrorist and capture some good, usable footage of his killing.

As I said earlier, this series would be about war..this is going to be the Homecoming of Terror. Underwoods are going to make terror to achieve the power they have always wanted. With only two weeks left for the election let’s see how things go with the Underwoods.

I am about to start watching Episode 2, how about you guys?

Well I forgot to tell you the most important thing!

“Frank Underwood is coming to India with the television premiere of House Of Cards Season 5 on Saturday, 3rd June, 5 PM onwards, only on Zee Café!”




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