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Python Programming – A Modular Approach

Hello to all my readers who love programming or are interested in programming!

As we all know that Python is widely used by many big companies like Instagram, Yahoo, IBM, Google. Today job demand is high for python and one can make good money as a Python developer.. Not only that, since Python is easy to learn, it can also be used as an advantage to learn other programming languages .There are many benefits of learning Python as first language

On 15th November 2017, the world’s leading learning company launched the first edition of its new book on Python programming. The book titled – ‘Python Programming – A Modular Approach’ – is authored by Sheetal Taneja and Naveen Kumar. The book, in its first edition, focuses on building a strong conceptual foundation to facilitate the understanding of advanced applications.

The text includes basic sorting and searching techniques. It also provides comprehensive coverage of recursion, which includes problems on list manipulation, Tower of Hanoi, permutation generation, n-queens’ problem, Sudoku and plotting Hilbert curves. It has a separate chapter on graphics covering 2D, 3D objects and animations.

Bhavya Suri (PR & Communications head-Pearson) & Professor Naveen Kumar

Commenting on the launch, Vikas Singh, Managing Director, Pearson India, said, “Pearson India is committed to offer world-class content that helps the learners in understanding the concepts and preparing them for future. In today’s hyper competitive times, it is critical for learners to stay abreast of the latest developments in the field and gain expertise on the subject. Understanding the need, the authors have put in a lot of effort and as a result provided high-quality content to enable faster and better learning. We believe that this book will come in handy and will offer the much-needed guidance and support to students and learners.”


USP of the book

  1. Uses the concept of modularity to introduce one of the most rapidly evolving programming languages
  2. Chapter on debugging—an essential skill for making programs work
  3. code and vice-versa Includes applications related to web, mobile, and database development
  4. Discusses the seamless integration of Python code with Java


This book is available at all the leading stores and major e-commerce portals across the country at just Rs.499!

Do watch the live streaming of the book launch event here.

You can purchase the book here.

About Pearson India

Founded in 1844, Pearson is the world’s learning company, with 35,000 employees across 70 countries worldwide. We have expertise in educational course-ware and assessment, and a range of teaching and learning services powered by technology. Our mission is to help people make progress through access to better learning. We believe that learning opens opportunities, creating fulfilling careers and better lives.

Our unique insight and world-class expertise comes from our long history of working closely with teachers, learners, researchers, authors, and thought leaders. Our products and services are used by millions of teachers and learners around the world every day.

We are organized around three key stages of learning – a) K-12, b) Higher education and test preparation and c) Vocational and professional education. Established in India since 1998, Pearson has introduced its wide range of products and services in educational institutes as well as directly to the learners. To know more about us visit our website and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.






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