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My sincere thanks to the Almighty God who has been with me like a shadow.  Thank you God for bestowing your precious blessings and being my best company. Whatever I needed, you gave me better than that.


Special thanks to Mr.  Ravinder Singh. It’s the inspiration to work with him that made me a blogger, writer. Sir, I love you from the core of my heart and I really want to work with you 🙂



If I can write, its just because of Ankit Raj He taught me how to write stories and share it.  Ankit thank you so much 🙂




This blog would not have been possible without her support. Thank you Hina. Thank you so much.  Thank you so much for believing in me and my work and for always motivating me to do my best.

Thank you Alok Vats for helping me in getting a domain name and hosting. Thank you for making a wordpress id and shifting the blog from blogger to wordpress.  Hundred times thank you for answering all my stupid questions. You have been very helpful.


Thank you Nagrajan Iyer for helping me to decide the name for my blog.


Thank you mom dad for giving me birth. I know you love me and I too love you both alot. Thanks Di for always supporting me when mom dad were against my writing.

Thank you Purvi, Richa, Naina, Sanmeet, Apurva, Dinesh, Shoib Sir for always Inspiring me.


Last but not the least, My biggest thanks to my readers. If you would have not read my blogs, if you all have wouldn’t gave your reviews I don’t think I would have continued to write blogs.